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    Wow with my 40th birthday yesterday and going away to see my wife’s family this weekend (all apartment dwellers) I had to leave my dog at my brothers in a new home without us for the first time ever. I made the mistake of reading the rainbow bridge posts and after hearing Jake cry when I left and my heart is so very heavy for you all. I couldn’t take leaving him behind after 7 months in our lives and you all had 2 to 13+ years to deal with… had to call my brother and make sure he was ok after 3 hrs. Again I’m not looking forward to making the last post about Jake and hope I have many years to enjoy his company but won’t ever take any day for granted! This is not my first family pet but MY first dog. Thanks for making me thank God for every day we have with him!

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    My husband and I didn't go anywhere for 4 years when we got our Samson. In fact, I stopped working because neither of us could handle the thought of him alone in the house for so many hours. You should try to get used to leaving him occasionally. It helps.

    Thank for your thoughts and I hope you'll always remember how precious your time is with your baby.

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    My fiance and I are taking Zakk on the honeymoon with us.... we are renting a cabin for a week in the mountains. She would not hear of leaving him with anyone (and I must admit that I couldn't leave him ).

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    I hear what you are saying. I worry about my dog constantly. My husband thinks I love her more than him??? When he is not at home we sneak in bed together and take naps. I can't imagine to love something more than Chocolata :My friends tell me that this is how I will feel when I have kids - we'll see about that in a few years.

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