oh how I miss my 2 beloved dogs!
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Thread: oh how I miss my 2 beloved dogs!

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    booboo Guest

    Defaultoh how I miss my 2 beloved dogs!

    Here are my 2 precious loved dogs; Bear the black lab & Lady the rat terrier, sharing the one bed instead of using both!
    Lady: October 1st, 1990 to January 28th,2005 and Bear December 28th, 1994 to April 12th,2005, not a full 3 months between our dogs passing away from each other. What a extremely hard time this had been for us :'(

    This is Bear, you can see the gray on him-oh how I miss you boobooBear!

    This is Lady, look how sweet she was then, I miss you my ladygirl!

    Both of you will have a special place in our hearts and we know that the two of you had such a great love & bond for each other for the two of you to have died so close to each other. I can imagine the two of you running & playing with each other right now! Your free of pain go play my loved ones!

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    DefaultRe: oh how I miss my 2 beloved dogs!

    i'm sorry for the loss of your beautiful pups.
    we recently lost our 'young healthy lab' Yukon, and unfortuantely Ellis, his older 'brother' will not be far behind
    2006 will be the worst year ever for us
    it's hard
    I'm not sure why we put ourselves through this

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    booboo Guest

    DefaultRe: oh how I miss my 2 beloved dogs!

    It is very hard :'( I thought i would never get another dog, but my dear hubby & 2 boys wanted too. A lot of people were telling me to go out and get one right away otherwise I would never go. As time goes on it gets harder they told me. I waited until I found the one I wanted it was about 4 months since our last one died. I will never replace my 2 dearest pets, but we can make new memories with our newest member Boomer. I will sit with hubby and talk about what Boomer did and compare it to Bear and then I would say stop it they are two separate dogs! Now I am having a hard time getting a second dog for us & for Boomer. I want one like my Lady but I know better then to do that because I might end up comparing again and that wouldn't be fair! I was also thinking about getting another black lad female but I am also afraid I would be comparing her with my sweet Bear. SO I might get a Beagle which my husband loves Beagles, grew up with them. I will always keep Bear & Lady in my heart forever!

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    biscuit is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: oh how I miss my 2 beloved dogs!

    What a big loss in such a short time. I'm so sorry....
    <br />Kristin &amp; Biscuit

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    DefaultRe: oh how I miss my 2 beloved dogs!

    I'm sooooo sorry for your loss.* We just lost our 10 year old chocolate Samson in May and I haven't gotten through a single day without crying.* We are fortunate to have two other dogs, both mix breed rescues, that have helped to get us through the long sad days.* And, today, in honor of our beloved Samson, we're going the SPCA to adopt a 10 year old Yellow Lab that was left by his family.*

    It won't heal our broken hearts, but it will keep them in the right place, the place our Samson brought us too.

    Best wishes to you and your new baby.


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    DefaultRe: oh how I miss my 2 beloved dogs!

    I´m really sorry for you loss of your two beloved dogs. They were gorgeous. Run free Bear and Lady, run free...
    ~Veronica and Nikki~
    Sweet Emma, 16th of February 1996~26th of November 2010
    Always in my heart and soul. Together forever, my love....

    Nikki 6 months


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    booboo Guest

    DefaultRe: oh how I miss my 2 beloved dogs!

    thank you so much. Just today I was telling dh that I really miss them and why did they have to died so close to each other like that. He thinks that maybe they were poison because they had the same symptoms before they died, that just makes me > & :'( Boomer has been great, but I still really miss my Lady & Bear- my name on here is BooBoo and that is what we nick named Bear when he was alive! So my name is is a tribute to him!


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