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    It's been just over 12 years, and I am back again with another part of my heart missing. After we lost our last lab in 2006, we found another to bring love & joy into our life. Cody was born the day after we lost Jake....seemed like it was almost a sign.

    Cody had a wonderful life, and he certainly made ours better. He was so intelligent, and always happy. I will miss the sound of his tail thumping on the floor. He had friends of all kinds all over the country. Anytime the UPS and FedEx drivers would come down out street, they'd pull up to the walkway & toss him a cookie. The neighbors would stop to visit him as they walked by on the way to the mailbox. The gentleman that lived two houses up from us would walk down & sit with him on the curb, rub his ears & chat with him. He had tons of dog friends. My wife would walk him over to the softball field to meet up with other local dog owners. They'd romp and play bitey face for hours.

    When we retired, we left CA and moved to southern KY. He loved his new home. He had 5 acres of grass to do whatever he wanted. He really enjoyed wading & swimming in the creek. He & the Great Dane that lived close by became instant buddies. They were an odd looking pair. The cattle next to us wanted to be friends with Cody, but he never quite figured out what they were all about. Occasionally they'd touch noses, but then he'd bark at them and they'd scatter.

    Sometime in early 2017 Cody began to stumble & sometimes fall when he'd chase his Frisbee and reach out to grab it. At first we thought it was just old age creeping up on him. As time passed we noticed it was becoming harder for him to get up, but again just though it was age related.

    Fast forward to 2018. The humidity in KY was just to much for us to handle, so we sold the property there and moved back to the Black Hills of SD where we originally lived when we were kids. Again, Cody became everybody's pal. He'd stand at the end of the driveway and wag his tail until he lured them in with that happy face. Such a socialite!

    One day I noticed that he would occasionally drag his toes oh his hind legs as he was walking. We took him to the Vet & he diagnosed him as having Degenerative Myelopathy. Of course there is no cure for that. About a 45 days later, he started to have muscle cramps in his back legs. One Sunday they became so severe that we had to take him the the emergency clinic. The vet put him on Tramadol to relax the muscles. That took care of the severe cramps and he seemed to tolerate the lesser cramps by just getting up and walking a bit.

    Tuesday evening (5-8-2018) he got up and wanted to go outside. He went out & took care of business and lad down in the grass. A short while later he tried to get up. None of his legs would work. We helped him up & placed towels under his tummy to help him back inside. Poor Cody whimpered most of the night. The vet said this disease is not painful so I can only hope he was not in pain, but crying out in frustration because he couldn't get up & move around the house.

    The vet was kind enough to do a house call the next morning. They took him away and we picked him up two days later. He is now sitting in the place of honor next to his "brother" Jake.

    We are not sure what the future holds for us at this time. We miss him so much, and I hate the empty feeling in the house. But I really don't want to go through this again. It hurts so bad. For me it seems at greater loss than when my parents passed away.

    Give your pups a hug and a big smooch on the jaw for me. I sure miss doing that. Miss him so much!
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    This is for you buddy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-UI...ature=youtu.be A big THANK YOU to Jacki Barineau, author and artist of this song.

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    I am so sorry for your loss. You gave Cody a great and long life.


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