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    I don't know where the new forum is, but I thought it proper to leave a good bye note here. My Labrador passed away a few weeks ago a month shy of his 12th birthday. He had back end weakness for 2 years and what we had thought was DM. In late August he had sudden lameness in his left leg and refused to put weight on it. Our vet said he needed knee surgery and would most likely blow his other knee while the first healed. I decided to get a second opinion with an ortho vet. After several xrays and exam the ortho vet said lameness was caused by hip dysplasia and nerve pain. He also said he didn't think the original diagnosis of DM was correct. Sure enough a few weeks later DNA test confirmed Gordy had two normal copies of the gene that causes DM.

    We opted to control pain with pain medication and cold laser therapy treatment. Initially the laser treatment seemed to help and Gordy gain some mobility in his left leg, but he still seemed to have bad days and at times would trip and fall down the stairs. Then one day he didn't want to eat breakfast...not a huge red flag but it was very strange for him, because like all Labradors he gulped down food. I thought he was having a bad pain episode and gave him tramadol. He continued his day normally with a nap and an outing to pee mid morning. In our normal afternoon outing to the back yard I noticed Gordy just standing in one spot looking at the ground. I called him over and he moved really slow toward me and collapsed on the ground when he finally got over to me. I immediately called the vet and took him in but it was all too late. I didn't know his spleen had ruptured and he was bleeding out.

    Losing him is an end in a way. He will be our last Labrador. I have moved on to a smaller breed and am enjoying their quirks. I still think Labradors are the best breed out there for a family dog. Gordy was always good with the kids, great with all other animals and my one and only dog that would walk beside me without a leash. He has been gone for over a month and I still catch myself thinking I need to get his bowl or let him out or take him for a walk. That will past as I have had other dogs die in my life. Part of me is glad his death was quick but another part screams how unfair I didn't get another chance to walk him or play ball with him or take him to the park.

    "Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one"
    - Anonymous

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    So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. May he find you in your dreams.

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    Sad to hear of your loss. I took along time to get over not having a big brown nose in my face before I even got out the truck from work. We now have a 12 week old lab pup and we are equally happy when I get home again. He definitely filled a void in our home and our heart.

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