My Best Friend / May you rest in peace Lobo
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Thread: My Best Friend / May you rest in peace Lobo

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    You were and are my best friend. When found you were the orneriest little guy in the bunch but I knew at that moment we were going to be together. So easy to train, extremely obedient and always at attention yearning for that next command. I have told the story about loading you up in a cardboard box lined with a blanket and bringing you home that evening countless times.

    When we first got together I was at the lowest point of my life and I needed some rescue. Raising you from a pup gave me the drive and responsibility to keep me positive, moving forward to rebuild my broken body and refresh my reasons for life. Even when you drug a nine foot Christmas tree a hundred feet, through the ice and snow, at only six months of age I couldn't be mad at you with that goofy face. While I was healing you hung out with me and loved on me unconditionally like no one else could. My most favorite memories are when we would fall asleep together in the recliner and when I woke you were still there keeping my thin body warm.

    You shared your love and affection without abandon to all you met. So sweet and gentle with the kids at Lowes when we took you out to socialize, they had to pull away to get you to stop kissing them. So handsome, so handsome. Everyone commented on your thick beautiful black coat and strong blocky frame. You proved countless times to have the strength of a bull but the playfulness of a child. All of that came in so handy when you snuggled in bed, played "under the bridge" at our feet and especially when guiding your friends Mikey and Max on walks around the park.

    I have owned many dogs but you will be missed the most. You were taken from us way too early but my faith tells me that you were needed elsewhere. I owe you a mountain of gratitude and respect for your undying faith and friendship that no other being could have provided. There is a permanent hole in my heart that will not be filled until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

    I sure am going to miss you buddy bear.

    Your best friend,


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    Lobo was a beautiful dog!!! I'm so sorry for,your loss!

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    Sorry for your loss of a beautiful pal.

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    That teared me up.
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    I've read this before! Lovely tribute!

    Hoping the newest member (Romeo) is helping with that loss. Never replace a dog that special, but working on a brand new relationship does help.

    What life lessons dogs can give. And their medicine for a broken heart and soul.. priceless.

    Again, sending my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your Lobo.


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    I'm sorry for ur loss he was beautiful. Isn't funny how a four legged creature can change some body so much! That's what my Petey Pie did for me! When he passed a part of my soul went with him. I love the pictures of ur Lobo hold them dearly!
    Rest in Peace Lobo

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