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    DefaultA Year Ago Today

    I try not to be maudlin about it, I really do. I didn't tell anyone at work today why I was in a bit of a down mood most of the day. I try to do the "manly man" thing, and not get all emotional about it. But...

    A year ago today I helped Deacon cross the bridge. So, today was hard. So many memories of our last day together. There's not a day goes by that he isn't in my thoughts. Every morning before I leave for work, I have to touch his urn and tell him how much I love and miss him. Even after a year, it's just so hard sometimes. It's gotten better with time, but I'm not sure the grief will ever really stop. And, I don't think I want it to. You see, the day it stops hurting is the day it becomes routine...and I just couldn't stand for that to happen. So, I come here...where there's other people who will understand. Who won't laugh at me, and say with a disgusted look, "It's just a dog." Thanks, everyone.

    So, here's to Deacon...hands down the best dog I've ever had. My constant, loyal companion for over 12 years. My hunting companion who taught me the joys to be found in the pheasant fields with a good dog to accompany me. Who showed me the joy to be found in just watching him work the cover, looking for those elusive ringnecks. The dog who showed me how to share unconditional love, and be a better person because of it. My burly boy. And, when he got grey, my grizzly boy. My bestest boy.

    Love ya, bud. And miss you so much.
    My Lab is smarter than your honor student.

    Deacon 12/1/1999-4/2/2012 RIP, bestest boy.
    Diesel 3/29/2010 My little hard charger.

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    From one Lab lover who has lost a heart dog to another I send you hugs, compassion and understanding. It has been almost 2 years since I lost my beloved Ozzy and I too think about him every day. He has his own shelf on my big bookcase where I keep his box of ashes, special pictures, his collar and tags, his favorite stuffie, ball and Frisbee along with a few other things. It does get somewhat easier with time but I can sometimes find myself tearing up for the silliest thing. Like you I don't want the pain to go away completely, I want him to ALWAYS matter to me. There is nothing wrong remembering a dog that meant so much, taught you so much and loved you as much, if not more, than you loved him.
    RIP Deacon, go find Ozzy and run yourselves silly. Wait for us at the bridge, we will be looking for you.
    Maxx & Emma Jean
    Ozzy - 10/16/02 - 06/28/11 - Always in my heart.

    Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go - but learning to start over.

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    (((hugs))) and I surely understand. I still miss my girl very very much. Oh yes, we understand the love you had with Deacon and it was very very special.

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    Hold on to all those memories even if they come with a few tears. My Mitzi was only three days younger than Deacon. I lost her last Sept.15, and try not to think so much of the last month when she had problems, but of all that she did when she was healthy, all the little things she did that made her Mitzi. I hope they're playing together over there.

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    (((HUGS))) The worst part of loving them is having to let them go. I'm glad you have 12 wonderful years of memories to last you a lifetime. He'll never be forgotten.

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    If that's him in your signature photo, he was also your most handsome boy. What a beautiful dog.

    I just lost my 14 yr old black lab mix recently and my heart is still very heavy with grief. I understand your sad day completely.

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