I was one week old when I met her. Mum thought she is gonna eat me, becouse she was VERY big then.
But she reacted like all labs -first: What the hell is this?! In the next moment: Man, I LOVE this creature!
We were best friends-I could walk her at the age of 3, I could pull her ears and her tail, but she was happy any way.
Actually...she is the one who tought me how to walk. . I just wanted to reach her tail and I did it. And she started to run.
On Saturdays we always went swiming and she came with us. I thought-she isn't scared of the water...why should I be? So I jumped in it.
She was the only "person" I could trust (I still don't have friends :'( )
And now she's gone for ever...
I hope I can post pictures... from our programme shrani.si...this is her a few hours before the death-dad is holding her paw: