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    Not exactly sure why I am missing her so much tonight. I even went back and revisited the thread I started about her going blind back in 2007. I realized how much I appreciated Laura's and everyone's very helpful and important it was to me. I didn't even "know" most of you back then.
    I never posted when I had to put Nadja down.....I just couldn't. Anyway, I am feeling better already. Here is a picture of her in her last winter. I really wish I could post pictures of her when she was younger, but I didn't have a digital camera and I don't have a scanner.
    Thanks for reading.

    I must say, I am very thankful I have Mya.

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    Awww she was beautiful! Some days it just hits us like that (((hugs)))

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    She was a beautiful girl alright. That 1st pic is priceless. I'd have it framed & hung up on the wall. It takes ages for the hurt to go away.

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    What a beautiful girl. As Di said, some days it does just hit you, go with it. I experience the same sort of thing, i lost my Carin a coupla years back. When i get days like that, the tears start, but then when i think about all our time together i start laughing at some of her escapades. They are such a big part of our lives, and they will always be by your side ((hugs))

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    I am sorry I missed this MJ. I love the first pic. Sometimes we have to come to terms with things before we can talk about it.

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