Yeller 2000-2010
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Thread: Yeller 2000-2010

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    the Great White North, eh?

    DefaultYeller 2000-2010

    Yeller, it seems only fair that you get your own memorial post, one that can sit on the internets with your pal Jordan's for all eternity.
    *disclaimer - I am not a poet, nor profess to be a writer. I only wrote this "poem" as a cathartic release for my grief over Yeller.

    You were our quiet one, our undemanding one, the one who sat and waited
    waited for treats, waited for walks, waited for loving
    You never waited long, but you waited with such patience
    and such unconditional love and we loved you
    Now you are gone your quiet presence is quite missed
    the silence of a room without you in it is quite noticeable
    and its hard to believe you are gone.
    You were our fun spirit, our crazy spirit, the one who kept on giving
    giving us another ball, giving us another frisbee, another stick to throw and chase
    You used to play forever and had such boundless energy
    and always had a tireless resolve to always be the first to get there.

    The day we lost you was a hard day, a sad day, and a day we won’t forget.
    We also won’t forget all the good days, the days we played
    the days we laughed, the days we went swimming and hiking
    and just hung out, watching the world go by from the quiet of the yard,
    or how much we all loved you.
    You came to us because you weren’t wanted,
    and for a while we wondered what we had gotten into.
    Now all we want is our sweet Yeller back,
    to feel the curl of the hair on the back of your neck that would never lie down,
    or to feel your warm nose nudging a leg for a walk,
    or to smell your sweet Yellie fur again.

    We miss you Yellie,
    we miss you like we never imagined we’d have to so soon,
    and thank you for all the good days and hope you found them good too.

    Me, Abzilla and the Helomonster.

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    HersheyK's Dad's Avatar
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    Run free, Yellie. Run free

    I am so sorry that you have this hole to fill. It is so hard when we lose one of them.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    MidwestGirl is offline Senior Member
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    That is very nice and sad too Hugs as you grieve.

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    murphsmom is offline Senior Member
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    Feb 2010


    So sorry for your loss.


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    Mary Jane is offline Senior Member
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    Feb 2009


    I am so sorry for your write beautifully - from the heart.

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    gregk9 is offline Senior Member
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    I'm sorry. May he rest in peace.

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    Henery&Ollie's mom is offline Senior Member
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    Oh Karina. ((((((HUGS))))) That moved me to tears.

    I pray that you will soon find peace in your heart. I know that there is a little piece of Yeller's spirit in all of our hearts from having known her.

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    BucksMom is offline Senior Member
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    ((HUGS)) Karina, that was so lovely!!!

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    I don't normally read long poems ! This may not have been a poem and it wasn't long but it was an tribute to a wonderful Labrador.

    Run free Yeller !

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    I love your tribute to Yeller. Godspeed, Yeller.

    Titan--Chocolate 4/15/01
    Moses--Yellow 10/12/09

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