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    DefaultPhoto Editing Help

    I am trying to decide on a photo editing program. I have been searching this site & found mixed reviews on the programs that are out there. I was originally thinking about a photo shop program, but which one and are they any good? I was also thinking about the Paint Shop Pro program. It seems easy to use. Any suggestions would be great. I have just started researching these programs so I am pretty clueless. Thanks for the input.

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    DefaultRe: Photo Editing Help

    I have Adobe Photo shop CS3 and Zoom Browser. For simple cropping, and adjusting the exposure, I use the zoom browser. The Photo Shop is a little over kill for me. Also I would need to spend more time than I'm willing to give it to learn the program. But that is just me being lazy.
    I used Paint Shop Pro several years ago and I didn't have too hard a time using it.

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    DefaultRe: Photo Editing Help

    Corel Paint Shop pro is pretty awesome. I used it for things that I didn't want to take the time to do with Photoshop CS2/3. But now I'm on a Mac, so bye bye PaintShop Pro... :'(

    Adobe has Photoshop Elements, which is more consumer level, and is VERY good.

    It just depends what you want to do with it!

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    DefaultRe: Photo Editing Help

    I have Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Love it!
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