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    DefaultNikon lenses

    I’m getting ready to order a Nikon D40 there are 2 kits through One comes with the 18-55mm lens 2GB memory card, card reader and a few other odds and ends

    The second kit comes with the 18-55 lenses and a 55-200 but no memory card or reader

    Is the 55-200 lens worth having? thsi will be my first DSLR

    I may just buy the first kit for $499.00 then buy the second lens later if I think it would be worth having. I have seen it for 139.00 on eBay refurbished or 229.00 new through Amazon.

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    DefaultRe: Nikon lenses

    I do not have the D40, but have the D70s.

    The lens I really truly love is my 50mm f/1.8. I'm not familiar with the D40 or its lenses, but I would think it would have a 50mm available for it.

    I also have the 55-200mm and I love that too! LOL. I just got it for Christmas and have used it quite a bit trying to learn it. I would go for that over a card or card reader. Cards aren't that expensive anymore.

    I rarely use the kit lens.
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    DefaultRe: Nikon lenses

    My parents got the kit with those two lenses. They are happy with their choice.

    I'd see which is the better deal.

    I use the kit lense for my D70 ALL THE TIME. I love it.
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