Weekly Challenge # 31 - History
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Thread: Weekly Challenge # 31 - History

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    DefaultWeekly Challenge # 31 - History

    Ok...I had a subject in mind for this challenge, but I was going to have to stop on the way home from work to shoot an example. I didn't have time to do that so I'll save that one for another day.

    I've decided on History. This is a pretty broad subject. An old bridge, a barn, maybe a cemetary. Give us a little historical detail also if you have it.

    Here are a couple of my shots...

    3 old barns I pass on my way to work every morning...the sunlight is always hitting them perfectly.

    "Temple Cave" - a bluff shelter located on the canyon floor of the Dismals Canyon - was home to a tribe of Paleo Indians about 10,000 years ago. This shelter has never been excavated but samples of Paleo pottery & arrow points have been found in different areas of the Canyon. Palio Indians were the first man known to inhabit this part of the U.S.
    It has also been home to Pueblo, Chickasaw and Cherokee Indians.
    In 1838 U.S. Troops rounded up the Chickasaw - forcing them from their ancestral lands - and held them under guard in this Canyon for two weeks before herding them like cattle to Muscle Shoals where they embarked on the Trail of Tears.
    Outlaws, the likes of Jesse James and Aaron Burr hid among the shadows of this sunken forest. Aaron Burr hid for several months in 1804 after killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel. www.dismalscanyon.com
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    DefaultRe: Weekly Challenge # 31 - History

    This a an ancient abbey, it's called Valle Crusis Abbey and it is situated at the foot of Horseshoe Pass near Llangollen in Wales, UK.

    We visited the Pass and enjoyed exploring the abbey on the way down.

    I know the rule is 2 pictures but i really liked this "through the window" shot from the abbey too.

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    DefaultRe: Weekly Challenge # 31 - History


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