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    I am just now starting to try B&W conversion. What do you think of these? I used one shot from the Bounced thread for comparison. It seems like there are so many roads to get to the same place. I was just wondering if any of you convert, do you shoot in the B&W mode on the camera?

    These were color JPEGS converted in PS. Today I will try the B&W mode on the XTI and see how they come out.

    Thanks for any comments...

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    DefaultRe: B&W

    I think you've done a good job with the B&W conversion. It looks like the first one was over sharpened just a little.

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    DefaultRe: B&W

    The first one is over sharpened.

    To me a good conversion is one that has black blacks and white whites and all the grey tones in between. I like contrasty B & W.

    I don't shoot B & W out of the camera (to be honest, I don't know if my camera does that). I convert it on the computer. I also will use the burn and dodge tools to create my image with more contrast.

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    DefaultRe: B&W

    I usually shoot in RAW, so it is very easy to change the photo to a B&W or whatever picture style you want. I find it interesting to play around with the different pictures styles sometimes, as some shots look fantastic when converted to B&W.

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    DefaultRe: B&W

    I also shoot RAW and convert & process images to b&w with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS3.


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