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    Check out this cool backpack I ordered from Amazon for my new Rebel xt
    I got it for 32$ when it lists for 98$. It arrived in 3 days even though I only paid for standard not pay the special shipping! you get it quickly even if you choose the standard.

    It is SO cool....I recommend it highly for anyone with equipment that they want to keep safe but portable at the same time.
    This thing fits SO much.
    There is room for 2 full size SLR's

    <br /><br />

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    DefaultRe: Product recommendation

    Great find... Thanks I will order one now.

    You are smart to start with the big bag first, I am on my second Tamrac backpack and now out grown it. I couldn't see having three sizes, not to mention the expense, of the Tamracs.

    I order a lot of stuff from Amazon and had great luck, got a couple lenses, ect.


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    DefaultRe: Product recommendation

    That is nice. It looks like it fits more than the one I got and paid about $60 for. It's a sling back type and I don't really like that about it either. At first I thought I wanted that kind, but after using it I'd rather a backpack. I will probably get another.

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    DefaultRe: Product recommendation

    Great minds think alike. I have the same one that I got at the Navy Exchange a couple years ago. It's great for storing your gear. I need to get a smaller one for times when I don't want to take all my stuff with me. That sucker is heavy when full.

    Eiderdowns That's My Buddy
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    DefaultRe: Product recommendation

    That is too funny! I got the same one off of, and have even used it as a carry-on purse (with camera, wallet, etc.) on a trip to Indiana earlier this summer as well. It fits so much, and has so many great places *to* fit things!

    LOL Great minds really do think alike!

    ~Julie, Rogue, Monty, and Eddy~

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