Assignment #7 -- Critique
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Thread: Assignment #7 -- Critique

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    DefaultAssignment #7 -- Critique

    I'll post critiques later this evening. Can't get to it right now

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #7 -- Critique

    Me, too. Along with the new assignment.

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #7 -- Critique

    Okay, here we go. I must say that some of you really put on the creative thinking caps with this one!!! There are a couple of shots here that really surpassed my expectations. Very unique and fun. I'm glad everyone had a good time with this lesson....

    Jimbo -- I really like this. Great perspective shot, nice color,
    and good focus as well. Good job.

    Marley, very nice perspective and composition. I like the way you've
    left room in front of the dog so we can follow his gaze out. Yes
    your sky is blown. Did you shoot on automatic? You could have
    raised the f-stop a bit to compensate for the brightness. The dog
    is slightly overexposed as well through his body (but his face
    is exposed well). This is a tough one for exposure, but you handled
    the perspective great!

    Linda1 -- very nice perspective. You were allowed to use flash for
    this one But without the flash you've still done a nice job.
    The only improvement I can see would be to perhaps have a dog toy
    down at the bottom to give it some more interest. Overall a good job!

    Emyly N Rio -- I LOVE this! I can imagine the looks you were getting.
    Of course I know you weren't in the can, but it sure looks like you
    were. This would be a classic advertising shot. It's excellent. Nice

    georgie -- great perspective shot but watch the other things in your
    frame. The light fixture is distracting behind her face. This would
    have been cute if she had been looking down at you as well.

    gingersdad -- love the perspective, very creative. Composition might
    have been improved if you'd tightened up the shot showing more tree
    trunk and Ginger. Exposure is off a tad.

    zoesmom -- cool idea. I see the drip. Nice exposure on this one
    as well. Might be a bit better if you had shot directly down at it.
    (Like stand on the counter over the sink . Good job though!!

    chocco_23 -- Now this is a fun shot. Wonderful perspective. I feel
    like a lab looking at that food. Watch your camera tilt, this is
    slightly going up to the right, it would look better if the counter
    were level. Also the focus is off.

    Labz4Me -- another clever idea. Nice DOF and focus on this. Might
    be improved if the bag or tube (or whatever you are looking through)
    were darker to give more of an impression of being "inside a mouse
    hole". But a good effort non-the-less

    lablover -- excellent perspective. It makes me want to either
    spit or drop something, LOL. I love that you included some of the
    uppermost railing, that really adds dimension. Good job.

    AbbyandMolly -- Good perspective shot. It's a bit underexposed and
    the composition could use tweeking (it's centered right in the middle).
    But for perspective, you did a great job.

    ownlabnjrt -- a good try at perspective but the composition is cluttered
    and that is kinda ruining the effect for me. The railings in the
    foreground are also leaning. Pay attention to everything in your
    viewfinder when you shoot. Exposure on the sky is off. I'll give
    you a star for effort though

    Emma the Lab -- This one makes me smile. It's not focused well because
    you physically couldn't get far enough away with your lens, and the
    exposure is off, blowing out parts of her face, but I still like it.
    Nice effort.

    CaliforniaLabLover -- a very unique perspective. I like this. It
    was tough exposure as well, but you seem to have nailed it. At first
    I wasn't sure what it was... I was thinking a "space helmet bubble" but
    then figured out the wine glass. Perhaps including a bit more of your
    hand on the glass would improve composition. Great job.

    KLM -- another shot that's just got me smiling here. What fun! You
    have very nice exposure on the dog. The background is blown, but that
    white background is VERY hard to expose correctly with a black dog
    sitting in front of it. Wish it were "straightened" as the horizontal
    lines behind him and the pole/post beside him are distracting. But
    all in all it's wonderful perspective!

    Aim -- nice job. I don't know if you did it intentionally or not,
    but the underexposure on this gives it a scarey/creepy feeling. I like

    Anne -- nice DOF and composition, but you missed the whole point of
    perspective It's to stretch beyond that box and shoot something like
    you normally DON'T. So no gold star for you, but I'm sure you
    enjoyed that glass of Vino

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #7 -- Critique

    Jimbo – great perspective. I like it when tall buildings are shot from this angle.

    Marley – Nice perspective. Try getting him to look at you next time. That would have been icing on the cake.

    Linda1 – Good job. I would have liked to see a little more room at the bottom. It looks a little cramped. You could also have left out the dog’s head.

    Emyly N Rio – I love it. Great perspective. You definitely thought outside the box.

    Georgie – Nice perspective. The point of focus is on her neck, so her eye is out of focus. Remember always try to get the eyes in focus.

    Gingersdad – I love it. Great perspective.

    Zoesmom – Good try. I would have tried to get more above the bowl. If this is the faucet’s point of view, you should take it from above the faucet.

    Chocco-23 – Great job. This is perfect and a fun picture.

    Labz4me – Love it. Nice interpretation of perspective.

    Lablover – Great job, but I’m afraid of heights. LOL Watch keeping your horizons level.

    AbbyandMolly – This is great perspective.

    Ownlabnjrt – Good job. I like this perspective. Watch keeping the posts straight.

    Emma the Lab – You get an A. This is great.

    CaliforniaLabLover – This is a really good job. The only problem is that I’m not sure what this is. Make sure your viewer understands the picture. I know it’s a reflection of some kind. Just not sure what it is.

    KLM – Love it. What a great perspective. Nice thinking out of the box.

    Aim – Good job. Nice interpretation of the subject. That’s ok about it being old under the circumstances.

    Anne – Good try. We wanted another perspective, but that’s ok. I would have added the bottom of the glass. Try not to cut off the bottoms of objects or the feet of people.

    Eiderdowns That's My Buddy
    CDX, RE, WC, CGC, TDInc.


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