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    DefaultPractice night shot

    I shot the moon through tree branches with my P&S camera set on night mode. The half moon was hazy, but it came out as a blurry full moon. Is there any way to correct this with a P&S camera?
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    DefaultRe: Practice night shot

    This is going to be extremely hard with a P&S. First of all, there is no need to use night mode for moon shots. Believe it or not, I use ISO 100, AV f/10, SS 1//100 to shoot moon shots. The moon is bright. It will show up. You need a lot less light to get the details on the moon be visible. Here you have over exposed the moon. It's too bright. Try this in the No Flash mode. See how it looks. If that doesn't work, try landscape mode with the flash. The slow sync of the Night Mode lets too much moonlight into the sensor.

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