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    DefaultAssignment #3 CRITQUE here --

    I think everyone did a great job on meeting the objective of this lesson, which was to freeze the motion. But some of you are forgetting composition and exposure and I have critiqued that as well to gently help you remember to keep all of this in mind as you shoot... even action shots.

    All of you are to be commended for shooting this weeks assignment.. some of you braved weather conditions that I wouldn't go outside in

    georgie -- you achieved the objective of the lesson which was to "freeze" motion. I can
    tell that your dogs were running fast. Would have been a better shot if you had been in the
    yard with them, not pointing down at them from above (assuming you were on a deck?). The
    foreground stuff is distracting (being out in the yard would have eliminated it). Stay
    warm up there in Snowy PA!

    Linda1 -- great stop motion. I really like this shot, it's composed nicely. Love the ears
    and skin motion on the chocolate... I can feel the power in his stride. Nice work on
    exposure even with the snow. Good job.

    Emma the Lab -- I really like this shot. You have enough movement on the dog to have met
    the criteria of this lesson. The composition is absolutely lovely... it's almost poignant
    the way you have this old gal walking into the sunsetting against the trees in the woods.
    My only nitpick on it would be to crop about an inch off the bottom.

    TheBigRaloo -- I'm wondering why you chose f/3.2 on such a bright sunny day? Remember that
    the smaller the f/stop # the WIDER it opens the lens to let more light in. With that said,
    you have done a good job freezing the motion. I like your composition as well, you've
    given the dog enough room in the foreground to get out of the water and not run out of the
    photo. Nice shooting.

    Labz4Me -- My first thought was "heh, she photoshopped that ball in there!" but of course
    I know you wouldn't cheat Although you have frozen the action on the ball, I wish you
    could have gotten more action out of the dog. But with her coming toward you that is
    difficult. Nice exposure. Composition is a bit off, she doesn't have much room at the
    bottom of the photo.

    yellalablady -- good stop motion. You certainly caught Buddy in the middle of action. My
    only nit with this shot is (and I know you know this) the ladders are distracting

    azlab -- look at those ears fly! Don't know if you can change the shutter speed, but you
    could have frozen the motion entirely if you could use a faster shutter (you wouldn't have
    the blurred motion on her ears). Tough job shooting into the shade, but the camera
    handled it decently. Would like you to be on the same level as the dogs, not shooting down
    at them.

    zoesmom -- good stop motion shot. It's cropped a wee bit too tight (I know you didn't
    crop it... I'm talking about the actual framing of it before you clicked the shutter button,
    remember to "crop" using your feet or the lens if it's a zoom). If we could see what
    motivated her to jump into the water it would really add to the photo, but as it stands
    it certainly meets the lesson criteria. Nice job.

    gingersdad -- Love it. Wonderful stop motion, love that tongue. Your exposure and composition
    are dead on. A really nice job.

    Cinder4evr -- great stop motion but watch your composition too. The grill/spatula in the
    foreground really take away from the action. Also, she's almost running off out of the
    photo, remember to try to leave enough room in the picture for the subject to run into.

    hark67 -- Love it! All four feet are off the ground, dog is obviously flying, the plume
    of his breath is sweet, the sharp background is wonderful, composition is nice as well.
    Nothing to pick on here. Good shooting.

    Anne -- Good job on stop action. I like the feeling the photo gives.. of his skin and
    muscles moving forward. Nice use of portrait orientation to isolate your main subject.
    The snow is blown out, but it's still okay because you do have nice exposure on the dog.

    Yellardawg -- great stop motion. I love that you set up where you could get the dog at
    a 3/4 angle jumping into the frame. Good exposure and composition. This is tack sharp.
    Nice shooting.

    Jimbo -- excellent job of stop motion. Good exposure on the dog as well. Shooting in the
    snow is a challenge unto itself, you've handled it well here. Although the background is
    a little busy it doesn't bother me as you've brought the action to the front of the frame.
    Nice job.

    Kwinon -- nice stop motion. Exposure on the dog is a little dark. I like the way you have
    incorporated the shadow into the picture. It is cropped a tad too much at the top, but
    otherwise ok.

    lablover -- Excellent exposure and stop motion. I also like the way you've left just a hint
    of the horizon at the top to give us the lay of the land. This is excellent. If I had to
    pick something to give you a hard time about... it would be that the dog is just a tad too
    close to running out of the bottom of the picture. BTW, his shadow looks like a cat!

    Aim -- cute shot but there's really no motion frozen here. Perhaps I see just a glint
    of her hair moving, otherwise it looks like she's just sitting on the sled. We didn't really
    talk about panning (moving the camera with the action) but that technique would have added
    the sense of movement to this photo (we'll do that in another lesson). Exposure is nice.
    Composition is good as well.

    ownlabnjrt -- Wonderful stop motion and composition. My first impression of this, besides
    the great stop motion, was that I worried "did the dog get his feet wet, he'll freeze!" so
    the picture REALLY tells me a story. I like this one a lot. Nice shooting.

    CaliforniaLabLover -- excellent stop motion. Nice composition, you've left a lot of room
    for the dog to run. A good job, I have nothing to pick on here.

    gatorblueyes -- I'm sorry but you are not allowed to TOSS YOUR DOG across the frame, LOL.
    This shot is too funny. I LMAO when I first saw it. Excellent stop motion. The exposure
    is a bit too dark on the dark dog, but it certainly meets the criteria of this lesson. You
    sure have a jumper there.

    KLM -- nice use of portrait orientation... good stop motion. Exposure is just a bit off
    but the composition makes up for it. You handled this shot well.

    Sadies Mom -- nice work on stop motion, you have used a very high aperature setting which works
    well here. Actually I'm impressed its so high and you don't see much graininess.. but I digress.
    Exposure is just a tad off, composition is nice but would be a bit better if you cropped so
    you didn't see the glass. Who won the game?

    Emyly N Rio -- You did stop motion, but it's hard to see because your main subject is rather
    small in the photo. Good job on exposure given the harsh lighting conditions. The composition
    doesn't work for me... your horse is too centered in the frame. I'd actually like to see
    even more room in front of him for him to run into.

    TroopersMom -- your shutter speed is way too low. You need at least 1/250 to begin stopping
    motion. The entire picture is out of focus because you can't hold the camera still enough
    in your hands at 1/50 (most people need a tripod at that speed). Jack up your shutter speed
    and see what you can get. If you are running out of daylight and you need faster shutter
    speeds, also jack up your ISO and lower your aperature. I hope I'm making sense

    Buckyball -- sweet shot. I'm laughing at the dog. Nice stop motion. Exposure is off,
    the entire picture is too light you could have raised your aperature setting to f/5.6 or
    a bit higher and still gotten the action here. Compostion... the dog is centered and there
    is a small tree growing out of his butt Remember to always look at everything in your
    frame before hitting the shutter button.

    AbbyandMolly -- well you know you cut off your dog's foot. You need more room around the
    dog, top and bottom. Nice stop motion though. Decent exposure as well.

    mattgusmum -- not much action stopped here, but you did catch the water movement and that
    works. Good exposure and composition as well. Sometimes you need an extra person to
    motivate the dog to run or jump.

    2Labpups -- you certainly stopped motioned here. What a crazy pup! Good composition. When
    you shoot into the sun your pictures will be "washed out" looking like this one is. Thankfully
    you CAN fix this in post processing but that's for another lesson You needed just a tad
    more room at the bottom to give your pup room for his paw.

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #3 CRITQUE here --

    Georgie – good self critique. Get off the deck/porch and down on their level. Black dog on snow, very difficult exposure. Good try

    Linda1 - I love the choco dog, the skin pushing forward on it. Them kicking up snow, nice background…very good work.

    Raian, nice capture. Love the ears.

    Emma the lab – I love this! It’s very inviting, I just want to go on down the path with her.

    The Big Raloo – not bad. Would like to see it in a slightly larger format for detail

    Labz4me - I really like the snow on the cornfield and the capture of the ball being dropped.

    Buddysmom, I love it when I see a retriever’s power caught ‘on film’ You can see the muscle in the launch. Nice job.

    Azlab – nice work. Could’ve been better if they were in the sun and you in the shade. Play shots are always fun and really capture their personalities.

    Zoesmom – Nice capture. I too like the water. Exposure is a little dark. Nice job, I’d like to see her face tho’

    Gingersdad, I like it. Still seem to be shooting down at her tho’.

    Cinder4ever – Nice try. Still shooting down and the table in the foreground distracts me.

    Hark67 – I really like it, caught in mid run and even caught the dog’s breath.

    Anne – that picture makes me tense…I feel like I’m getting ready to be plowed over.

    Yellardawg (me) – I feel like something is missing…crispness is off in my eye. Love her ears and the dust at her feet.

    Jimbo, how heavy is that toy? It’s pulling the pup over good job.

    Kwinon – Dark dog syndrome…it’s so difficult to get the exposure ‘right’, Love the shadow, love the action. Get down on the dog’s level.

    Lablover, Very nice. Nice lighting.

    Aim…good job.

    Ownlabnjrt – very nice. Potential is amazing for this picture.

    California Lab Lover – Very nice capture IMHO. Put each lesson together

    Gatorblueeyes. I like the action in this shot. It does have some issues (mainly focus and exposure, tough), but it’s a good shot.

    KLM, another one I feel anxiety over…feel like I’m going to be plowed over. Put the lessons together. Keep it up.

    Sadiesmom, good shot.

    Emyly N Rio – nice shot, would like to see it in original format to see detail.

    Troopers mom – shutter speed is too slow. Nice try, nice well head

    Buckyball – nice job. The roads are distracting to me, but caught the drop of the ball nicely.

    AbbyandMolly – exposure isn’t bad, but cut off the pup’s toes. Fence background leaves something to desire for me.

    Mattgusmum – I like the shot, but, it doesn’t really capture any action for me, it doesn’t freeze anything except the waves coming in. Maybe I’m wrong and it captures the dog doing something, but it appears to capture the pup standing there and asking for you to throw the ball again.

    2labpups – I like the shot, you all are critiquing yourselves very well this week. Love the ears

    I really think you all did a good job with the assignment, but remember past upon them. Good job critiqueing yourselves too, you are learning alot and it shows.

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #3 CRITQUE here --

    Critiques of Assignment #3 – Freeze Action

    Everyone has done a great job this week. I can really see a lot of improvement. Since you’ve learned the rules of composition and are applying them to your shots, they are so much better and more pleasing. Exposures are getting much better, too. All and all everyone is coming along very well. Keep up the good work.

    Georgie - You said it. Black dogs and white snow are a bad combination. This would have been better if you had been in the yard. Keep trying I know the weather makes it hard.

    Linda1 – Very nice shot. I like the way they are coming across the picture diagonally. You’ve managed to catch and freeze the action well. I like the touch the snow hanging in the air gives the shot. Good job.

    Raian – Good capture. I like the way she is leading you into the picture. Great job of stopping the action.

    Emma the Lab – Although she isn’t going too fast, you have still caught and frozen the action. Notice her front and back foot. You have caught them off the ground. Overall, I like the shot. I like how she is leading you into the picture and down the road. I like the lighting. I love the light in the tree.

    TheBigRagloo – I love this shot. You have capture great action here. The shot is clear and sharp. The composition is right on.

    Labz4Me – This is a nice action shot. You’ve frozen the action of the ball well. Next time try to get her a little more off center. This would be much better if there was less room on one side or the other.

    Azlab – You look like you have good stop action, but it’s a little hard to tell. Try not to shoot from light into shadow or vice-a-versa. The dogs are lost in the shadows.

    Zoesmom – Nice stop action. The shot does seem a little soft and underexposed. Try upping your ISO. This will allow you to use a faster shutter speed. You might want to use a lower AV, too. This would allow more light in to get a better exposure and keep your shutter speed fast enough to stop the action.

    Gingersdad – This is a great action shot. You’ve stopped the action well. The composition is great. You have more room in front of her. This makes her look like she’s running into or though the shot. Well done.

    Cinder4evr – Watch the direction you shoot from. I would have moved till I could have gotten the shot without the barrel in the front. You’ve stopped the action well.

    Hark67 – This is a great picture. Can’t get a much better freeze action than freezing the breath. This is a nit pic, but I’d like to see a tad more room between the tail and photo edge. Great job.

    Anne – This is a great shot. I love that you shot it in portrait orientation. Usually I like a little more room in front of the subject. But, in this shot, the dog appears to be running right off the page and into the room with me. Good job.

    Yellardawg – Stunning shot. I can add nothing to it. Is that dirt he’s kicking up with his hind feet?

    Jimbo – Great shot. I like it. Still wish you could lose the lead.

    Kwinon – Nice try. I would like to see this in portrait orientation. The dog is too far to the right. I would have cropped off the left side and left more room on the right.

    Lablover – Great shot. I would like to have seen you shot this in portrait orientation. There’s too much background. It you had used a long mm lens, it would have gotten rid of some of the background and made the dog appear to be jumping off the page. Great freeze action.

    Aim - Excellent shot. This is the type action shot that really needs a blurred background. When you look at this picture as it is, she appears to be just sitting there. You have frozen the action so well that there appears to be no action at all. If you could have gotten a little more of the rock, and if you could have panned the shot, the rocks would have blurred to give the impression of motion. Check out motorsports shots. The cars are frozen and the background is completely blurred. This shows motion. If the background was frozen too, the cars would appear to be sitting still. Good work. I would have lowered my AV to let in a little more light. It is a little dark.

    Ownlabnjrt – This is the perfect shot, IMO. The fence is at the upper 1/3 of the picture, and you’ve stopped the action perfectly. Great job.

    CaliforniaLabLover – Great shot. You’ve done a great job of stopping the action. The composition is perfect. You have the dog entering from the right and moving across the shot. The background is very pleasing. Some will probably wonder why this isn’t a busy background. It’s because it’s basically a single subject background. It’s all house and plants. There are not a lot of different things in the background.

    GatorBluEyes – This is the best shot. I love it. The dog doesn’t need to be watching you to have a great shot. Action shots can have the subject anywhere doing anything. I’ve never seen a dog jump this high. He looks like he’s on a springboard. Buddy can only get about 6 inches off the ground.

    KLM – Great shot. When you shoot in portrait orientation you can center like this because there’s not much on either side. Your ROTs is on the top and bottom. I love how you have gotten down on the dog’s level. The dog looks suspended in midair.

    Sadie’s Mom – Why don’t you think this is a good picture? I really like it. You’ve stopped the action very well. You’ve followed the ROTs, and the picture is sharp and clear. Nice job.

    Emyly n Rio - Very nice shot. You’ve captured the action well. I don’t think the background is busy. I would have cropped this all the way in on the left to eliminate the silo. I would have done it to make the horse bigger, not to get rid of the silo. You either have to include it or exclude it. You can’t cut it in half. If you take any more off the left, the horse would have been to close to that side. So you have to take it off the right. Great job on this shot.

    Troopersmom – Good try. This could have been a good freeze action shot, but your shutter speed is too slow. What mode did you shoot this in? Can’t really say anything else until I know the mode.

    Buckyball – Nice try. You have stopped the action well. The shot is a little over exposed. I would have shot this in portrait mode. There’s too much space around him and he has a tree growing out of his butt. Hope you don't mind. I cropped your picture to show what a difference it would make. Then I said what the heck, I'd just edit it too. This will show you what you can do with an editing program. Can you tell what different things I did to the photo?

    AbbyandMolly – The best thing you could have done for this photo is to have shot it in portrait orientation. There’s too much space on either side, and not enough at the top and bottom. You have stopped the action well. Keep shooting. You’re getting it.

    Mattgusmum - This is a good shot, but it shows little action. There is some action in the wave, and you've caught it well.

    2Labpups - What better subject for an action shot can you have. Nice job freezing the action. I would have used a faster shutterspeed and/or a higher aperture to get the correct exposure. The shot is underexposed.

    Eiderdowns That's My Buddy
    CDX, RE, WC, CGC, TDInc.

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #3 CRITQUE here --

    Jimbo – Great shot. I like it. Still wish you could lose the lead.
    Yeah, my wife hates it but I know Chelsea would be tempted to run off. I probably need to go a dog park next time.

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #3 CRITQUE here --

    I know why you use the lead. I agree it's hard to take it off and lose the dog. Its just distracting to an otherwise great shot. The dogpark is a great idea.

    Eiderdowns That's My Buddy
    CDX, RE, WC, CGC, TDInc.

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #3 CRITQUE here --

    gatorblueyes -- I'm sorry but you are not allowed to TOSS YOUR DOG across the frame, LOL.

    Hahhahahahaha...If I could toss her and take that pic I would be impressed with myself! She was actually catching a tennis ball I threw. I am glad you got a laugh out of it! ;D

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #3 CRITQUE here --

    Yes, it made me laugh quite a bit. Too cute!!

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #3 CRITQUE here --

    Thanks eveyone. As soon as the weather warms a bit....more then minues 3....I will be out in the yard with them. ;D For now, I am bundled up on the deck.

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #3 CRITQUE here --

    Sorry for the delay on my critique:

    Before I begin, let me say, this takes a lot of time for us, so if you post an image that you know does not match the assignment, please do not expect a long critique, if any at all. Everyone would be better off from looking at and reading the critiques of others...I hope you understand...

    That being said -
    Overall, nice shots! Some blew me away! A couple of comments in general:
    1)If you have a dslr, you lens have sweet spots, usually around f8-f11, at which you will get the sharpest image
    2) If there is enough light, there is no need to use a low number aperture for a shot like this. If you can still get a good shutter speed at f8, use f8…you will get a better image and more will be in focus….
    3) Try to keep your ISO, whenever possible, at or under ISO 400 – 100 will give you the least “noise”.

    Georgie – I think you know already the comments we are all going to make…you did choose a good shutter speed and good aperture, but I think you white balance I off, blue snow and the angle is not great.

    Linda1 – good shot, I would have upped the aperture to f11 and dropped the speed down a notch or two. You still would have gotten the freeze, but it also would have gotten more the image in focus. Good, fun shot though…tough dogs and I love the snow popping up…

    Raian – good exposure, nice freeze, I wish I saw the subject, if there was one – like the ball or stick in the distance…nice action.

    Emmathelab – I LOVE the morning light – while not a great action shot, I really do like the shot in general…great exposure – tells a nice story…I would print it.

    Thebigrallo – good shot, I like the water a lot…I wish the shot was taken about 2 seconds later to get the dog more in the freeze. I hope that makes sense.

    Labz4me – good shot, I like the ball in the image a lot, tells more of a story…try to get beyond Auto if you are allowed on your camera…good shot.

    Buddysmom – nice shot, not sure you needed ISO 800 though? Love the Frisbee and the action. I personally like the subject in the frame with the dog in action…nice shot!

    Azlab - Waiting for another image.

    Zoesmom – nice water shot, the color looks a bit off to me though. Good freeze and good settings…splash is really cool

    Gingersdad – great action, love the tongue…I do wish I knew what the dog was running for, but I do like it

    Cinder4ever – not the best shot of the bunch, but not bad…you got some good action, but the angle of the shot is not that great.

    Hark67 – fantastic..i love the whole thing…be proud of yourself…ps, I used to have a swiss mountain dog, so I lover bmd as well! The dog looks like it is floating on air.

    Anne – the picture make me smile, I love his face.. I would have tried to get the shot from a little more of an angle and not straight on – you would have gotten more of that action in it.

    Yellardawg – Awesome shot…

    Jimbo – I like the action and the colors in the shot..light dog on white snow makes the legs blend into the snow, but otherwise, you did a good job!

    Kwinon – I think you cropped too much and I wish you got the dog in a little more action – throw that ball and be ready to start firing…

    Lablover – nice shot, not sure you needed sucha fast shutter speed..I would have sacrificed some of it for f6-f10, you would have ended up with a sharper image…

    Aim – fun shot, but you can’t see the freeze in the shot. For all I know she was sitting on level ground with her mouth open – does that make sense?

    Ownlabnjrt – WOW – what a capture, really cool – great job! Bet you were happy with that…

    Californialablover – good shot, dog looks happy!!! You did pretty well with the freeze…I would have upped the speed up just one notch, then again, maybe not…I like it…

    Gatorblueeyes – Impressive, nice ups!!! I love it with the other dog watching…it makes the picture…I wish the object was in the shot, but awesome!

    KLM – I like it a lot, I wish the light was more even, but it is a really good picture, you did well!!!

    SadiesMom – good shot, this is when it pays to have a real nice lens that you can get f 2.8 or something, this way you can really bump up the shutter speed when you are using a long zoom.

    Emylynrio – decent shot, but can’t really see the freeze we wanted to see. It almost looks like the horse is just standing there…

    Troopersmom – Sorry you could not have more daylight, better luck next time..

    Buckyball – tree looks like it is coming out the butt, but it just adds to the shot…dog was not moving so fast, but the shot was ok, considering the conditions.

    Abbyandmolly – I wish you had more of the dog in the frame and got it from another angle…not a bad shot, but to be honest, nothing special. Better luck next time.

    Mattgusmum – yeah, the only real movement is the water.

    2labpup – Fun shot, I wish you were back about 1 foot to get the whole leg in, but it is a fun shot to look at.

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    DefaultRe: Assignment #3 CRITQUE here --

    Buddysmom I don't mind the editing :P It definitely looks better. No plant coming out of his butt!
    And umm you darkened the photo (lowered exposure?). I am still unsure on how to make a photo less bright. Whenever I get a chance to go out to take photos it's during the mid afternoon or so. It's wicked bright out at that time and everything comes out so whitewashed. This was definitely a photo I didn't like but used it anyways. Which in a way is good because I can learn from everything that's wrong with it :P

    Also, need to figure out a way to get creative to make things look nice in our rather ugly yard!

    ah yeah and Buck was definitely moving really fast in that shot. Doesn't seem like it though :-\

    <3 01/01/2006-03/18/2017 <3

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