Portrait vs Landscape Orientation
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Thread: Portrait vs Landscape Orientation

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    DefaultPortrait vs Landscape Orientation

    We've talked in the other lessons about portrait vs landscape orientation. I thought you might like a little mini-lesson between lessons on the subject.

    What is portrait orientation - this is when the vertical side of your photo is longer than the horizontal side. Photo sizes would be: 6x4, 7x5, 10x8. You have to turn the camera side ways to take portrait oriented shots. Most portaits of people are taken this way unless there are more than 3 people in the group.

    What is landscape orientation - this is when the horizontal side of the photo is longer than the vertical side of the photo. The sizes would be 4x6, 5x7, 8x10. The camera is held in the normal position for landscape oriented shots. This is the way the most shots are taken.

    With anything other than people, it's really a personal preference. I like the portrait mode for shots where the dog is vertical. I just think you can get rid of the excess on the side and focus on the dog. Vertical shots do make the subject appear thinner.

    Here are two shots I took of Buddy catching his frisbee. I was going to change out my assignment shot because it was a little soft (unsharp). I decided these pictures might be better at demonstrating portrait and horizontal orientation.

    Remember that if you leave enough room above and below your subject, you can crop a horizontal shot to portrait orientation. It's a little harder, but not impossible, to crop a vertical shot in horizontal orientation.

    Both of these shots of Buddy were taken in landscape orientation.

    This shot is in landscape orientation. Notice that I followed the rule of thirds.

    This shot is in portrait mode. It was cropped vertically from a landscape shot. Notice how it makes Buddy look longer and leaner. It also helps you follow the frisbee into the shot. Your eyes stay focused more on Buddy. In the other, your eyes tend to wander around the shot.

    Hope this gives you a better understanding when we talk at portrait and landscape orientation.

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    DefaultRe: Portrait vs Landscape Orientation

    thank you!


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