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    DefaultInstructor's Critique for Assignments #2 - Here

    Raian - good looking dog. Nice composition. Personally I do not like shots where the dog’s face goes totally against the grain of the body. I find it a bit distracting (but that is just my pref). Good shot with your f2.8 , nice choice and you did well not to blur the dog at all. you apparently were pretty far away.

    Georgie - nice shot without the flash! It does get dark as you look to the right of the image. The head is a little off center, which is nice and you left the pillow in their which give you that nice relaxing picture. Maybe next time, change you angle to get more light across the body. Hard for me to tell if that would have helped? An external flash does wonders with eliminating red-eye.

    MyLabsMom - LOVE IT! great composition, great spot, very cute. easy on the eyes. Good exposure with all those colors. Very nice!

    Chocco23 - Exposure is off, sky is blown out (white), as is the top of the head. Otherwise, you did well composing the shot? I do like that, I just wish you get everything else right to see what this could have really been.

    Zoesmom - nice composition. I like it a lot. I would have used f8 - f12. It would have made your image sharper as well as kept that background in focus. The background was nice, I wish you did not blur it so much. I would have went to ISO 400 and then used a higher Fnumber. Otherwise, nice shot.

    Labz4me - good shot! I do the same thing sometimes, bring the dog to me! Good idea and it led to a fun picture. I think you did well with the rules. keep up the good work.

    CaliforniaLabLover- this shot had me laughing at first. Interesting composition. Can you tell me your shutter speed? Pretty good composition.

    Azlab - there was no need to shoot that as such a low f number. you would have gotten a sharper image with a higher number. As for the rule of thirds, very nice job.

    Gatorblueeys - way to bring attention to your dog and not the background! decent compistion and a sharp image. I would have move the dog in the frame to either side, just a notch though.

    Troopersmom - not sure why your picture is so blurry. You did a good job getting down to the level of the dog. I would like to see this picture not so blurry though. it is distracting. Can you try again?

    Emyly n rio - I have a feeling you know a bit about this photography stuff. Nice shot! Good composition!

    KwinON - Good job and following the directions. It does not seem to be in focus though? Maybe moving more to the right and shooting with the camera at 90 degrees from norm may have helped a tad? Don’t be afraid to try different angle and camera positions.

    Jimbo - good shot, pretty good exposure, good composition. I like it. The only problem with the f2.5 is the back of the dog is a bit blurred as well. Maybe f6 would have worked best? On the flip side, you did a great job of putting attention on the face and not the background.

    Emmathelab - getting better! Nice composition. I like the angle of the dog. God job at getting down lower to the ground. Progress!

    Yellardog - Nice picture, good composition, but the exposure seems off a little bit. Remember, its all about how it makes you feel and this picture means a lot to you and that is what is important.

    Buckyball - nice shot, good composition. The white off to the right is taking away from this quality shot, otherwise good shot and good-looking dog.

    Aim - not the greatest composition. maybe getting more of the dog in the picture would have helped? it seems almost confusing to be honest. I mean, you followed the rule of thirds, I like that the dog is looking away, I like your level, yet it is missing something and not just sharpness and color.

    Sadies mom - I wish you got down a little lower to take the shot, but pretty good. I wish you either got my of the child or less of the child.

    TheBigRaloo - Very nice. you seemed to talk your way through the shot and it worked for you. good job!

    AbbyandMolly - You also did a good job talking your way through the shot and lesson. the shot tells a story to me with the hole in the backyard. Who doesn’t have those! You seem to already know what is wrong with it (background), but it helps with your story with the hole.

    Linda1 - It does make you wonder what they are looking for. Good on the rules of thirds.

    2labpups – great shot – I really like almost everything about it…you take some nice shots!

    Anne – nice composition – interesting colors with the black on one side and blue on the other.

    Hark67 – nice composition, I wonder if you got down just a little more to the ground how it would have come out. Overall all – nice

    Cinder4ever – good comp, good rule of thirds, I like how the front goose seems to leading the others, yet you still left room off to the right of the image – good shot.

    Sidneygirl – seems pretty center…not bad, but nothing special…maybe next week you will have some more time! Good luck.

    Ownlabjrt – I like it, I like the composition and that the is so much background. Nice one!

    KLM – it is a good shot, you got low, but the dog is centered to me…however with all that is going on it the shot, I actually like it. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken…in this case it worked!

    Trickster – good shot, not sharp though, maybe there was sooo much light. Decent composition.

    Mattgusmum- good composition, boring image though! I wish you cropped out the green shirt to the right of the image…

    Delmonico – not bad considering the temps…some companies make great pairs of gloves for shooting in cold weather – in case you are interested…I wear mine all the time, even when not shooting. I do kind of like it though. Decent composition, way to get down to the dog’s level!

    Lablover – nice composition, the nose is in a great spot!

    JacksAndlabs - pretty good shot. Good looking dog and I do like the dog and your composition.

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    DefaultRe: Instructor's Critique for Assignments #2 - Here

    JL Photography Class Critique of Assignment #2

    Just a note here. Since this is a lesson on composition, I haven't dealt with much exposure this week. Sometimes you just have to work on one technique at a time. If you try to do too much, it gets way to comfusing. Over all everyone did a very good job. I'm sure applying some of the rules seemed hard and frustrating at times. If you keep at it now that you know the rules, it will become second nature to you. You will begin to see the rules when you look through the viewfinder.

    Raian – This is a wonderful picture. The composition is very good. I know you don’t like to shoot in portrait orientation, but this would look better with just a little cropped off of each side.

    Georgie – I really like this picture. You’ve done well. I love the light you’ve captured in her face. I might have included a little less of her body length on the couch.

    MyLabsMom – This photo has a lot of potential. I would do one of two things to improve this picture. If the dog is the subject, he is way too small. I would crop down till the fence is on the upper 1/3 horizontal line. I would crop off the left side to the fence post closest to the bush. I would crop a little off the right side, too. This would make the dog appear bigger and get the fence line away from the center of your picture. If the dog is not necessarily the subject, if it’s mainly a landscape shot, I’d crop it up from the bottom to right above the shadow of the tree. This will put the fence line on the lower 1/3 horizontal line, and would make a great landscape. You’ve done a very good job on this picture.

    Chocco_23 - This is a very nice picture. You’ve followed all the rules very well. Great use of the Rule of Thirds, and the 1-2-3 Portrait rule. You’ve gotten in on the level of your subject and filled the frame. It is a little over exposed. You might want to increase your SS next time. I’m not dealing so much with exposure this week. This week is about composition.

    Zoesmom – Excellent shot. I love the light on her face. You’ve blurred the background nicely. You’ve followed the ROTs, and Portrait rule. If I was going to change anything, I might cropped a little off the left side. There’s just a little too much room in front of her.

    Sirhobart - This is an awesome shot. I love it. You’ve capture all the rules nicely. Keep it up.

    Labz4Me – This would have been a much better photo if you had turned the camera sideways. There’s too much room around your subject. Notice how it looks like a tree is growing out of his head.

    CaliforniaLabLover – Great job. I love this. Nice use of the ROTs, and blurred background. Well done.

    Azlab – Well done. You’ve made great use of the ROTs. This is a little over exposed. Try to increase your SS just a little. It will make the colors more vibrant.

    Gatorblueyes - Good job. Good use of ROTs, Portrait rule, he’s looking into the frame. You’ve blurred the background nicely, but the upper left is still distracting. Try turning the camera sideways. This is called portrait orientation. This type of photo is a portrait.

    Troopersmom – Nice use of the Portrait rule. You need to fill the frame with the dog. There’s too much room around the dog. Watch your background.

    EmylyNRio – Nice landscape shot. You’ve follow the rules well. Keep up the good work.

    Kwinon – Cute shot. You’ve followed the rules well. I’d like to see the background blurred a little more. You will learn how to do this in a later lesson. This is a very cute use of the Portrait rule.

    Jimbo – Good shot. You’ve used the rules well. I like the blurred background, but watch the green line growing out of his head. Also, it would be better without the lead.

    Emma the Lab – I love this shot. It’s great. You’ve followed the rules well. I love the expression you captured in her face. The background is very nice.

    YellarDawg – This is very nice, Cray. The lighting is perfect. I would like to see a little more of the eyes. Maybe don’t turn the head quite so far next time.

    Buckyball - Nice job. I love the way you’ve fill the frame with his face. Next time I would move him back away from the corner of the building a little. Because he is yellow, you lose the side of his face in the white siding and light on his right side. I might increase the SS just a hair to add more contrast.

    Aim – You’ve done a really good job of using the rules from the lesson. Just watch having him looking out of the frame. I would have cropped part off of the right side and left a little more on the left side. Cropping off the right side would move him more to the right 1/3 line and he would be looking into the frame and not out of it.

    Sadies Mom - Nice shot. It has a lot going for it. I do find the people in the upper part distracting from the boy in the front. He is a great subject. I would crop off the top to just below the people. This would bring the attention to his smiling, joyful face. Great job.

    TheBigRaloo - I love this shot. Great use of filling the frame with your subject. This works well here. I would leave just a little more room above the eye on the left. The other eye is perfect. Even though his head is facing out of the frame, his eyes are turned into the frame. Well done.

    AbbyandMolly – If you have nowhere else to take the picture, try to get closer and fill the frame with the dog’s head and shoulders. This will crop out a lot of the background. Also, if you do decide to use the whole dog in the shot, don’t cut off his foot.

    Linda1 – I really like the dogs in this picture. You’re right. It is eye catching watching the dogs. I don’t like how they’re centered and I find the white stripe in the upper part distracting. I would crop down to just below the line and crop most of the right side. This would place the dogs off center and make them bigger in the frame.

    2LabPups – Nice try. This is a lovely picture. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to moved the camera a little more to the left. This would have brought the main pelican more to the right side 1/3. It would have removed the cut off Pelican on the right and brought the cut off Pelican on the left into the picture. Watch cutting subjects in half. I had a picture like this of ducks flying. One duck was cut right in half. His front end had flown the coop, so to speak. I actually cloned the rest of the duck out of the picture so it was more balanced. I know this wasn’t an option for the lesson, but when just shooting for yourself, consider that as an option.

    Anne – Stunning photo. You have captured this very well. You might want to consider cropping some off the left side. There’s a little too much blank area. This one is worth printing large and framing.

    Hark67 – Another stunning photo. This is just perfect. It makes me want to follow the path and see where it goes. It’s a little dark, but I like it that way. It adds to the mystery of the photo. Again, it’s worth printing large and framing.

    Cinder4evr – This shot has a lot of potential. I find the house very detracting to the geese. This is the perfect example of knowing when to break the rules. If this were my shot, I would crop it down to the top of the fence. This would make more of a panorama out of it with the geese almost dead center. Sometimes you just have to break the rules. The challenge is knowing when.

    Sidneygirl – Nice try. You’ve followed the rules well. I would have gotten down on her level a little more. Also, be careful not to cut off the tail next time.

    Ownlabnjrt - I may make you mad with this, but here goes. I find the dog very distracting from an absolutely beautiful winter scene. The dog is too small. If you wanted a picture of the dog, you should have gotten in closer and filled more of the frame with the dog. Personally, I would have excluded the dog entirely. This is one of those winter scenes begging to be photographed. Look at the perfect ROTs you’ve got with the trees. I love it.

    KLM – Nice job. The only thing I would suggest is taking a little off the right side. The dog is a little too centered. If you go back and work with this picture, you might want to clone leaves over the dark tree truck in the bottom left of the picture. It’s a little distracting. I wouldn’t crop it out because you don’t need to take anymore off of that side. Question: Does this dog have short legs? The picture makes the legs appear really short and stubby. I think this is a perspective problem.

    Trickster – Nice job. You’ve done well. I really like the 3D look the lighting is giving to his face.

    Mattgusmum - ROFLMAO Great job. I love it. You’ve definitely captured the rule of thirds well. You shot in portrait orientation, and you got down on your subject’s level.

    Delmonico – Nice job. Since his body is face the right hand side of the picture, I would have left more room on that side and taking some off of the left. This would have followed the ROTs a little better. I would have moved to your left and gotten him to turn just his head more toward you. This would have added more light to the dark side of his face.

    Lablover – Nice job. You’ve captured him well. I might have tried turning the camera side ways and getting this in portrait orientation.

    JacksandLabs - This is a very nice portrait. You’ve done very well following all the rules. Be sure to watch for distractions in the foreground as well as the background. The out of focus grass in front of her face is distracting.

    CenTexLabs – As far as composition goes, this is not a bad picture at all. You’ve followed the rules well. I really like the way the eyes are cocked toward you. You’ve filled the frame with your subject, and gotten down on his level. If he had been looking in the directions his head is pointed, it would have appeared to be running off the photo. I would have suggested leaving more room between his nose and the edge. Since his eyes are looking away from the edge, this pose works fine. You’ve used the ROTs well.

    Eiderdowns That's My Buddy
    CDX, RE, WC, CGC, TDInc.

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    DefaultRe: Instructor's Critique for Assignments #2 - Here

    Quote Originally Posted by gerst001
    CaliforniaLabLover- this shot had me laughing at first. Interesting composition. Can you tell me your shutter speed? Pretty good composition. got me here...why did it have you laughing? Not exactly what I was going for, it because I chose something *other* than dogs to photograph? As for your question...which "number" is the shutter speed and how do I find out on a Rebel XTi?

    ~Julie, Rogue, Monty, and Eddy~

    "The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue." -Anon

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    DefaultRe: Instructor's Critique for Assignments #2 - Here

    Quote Originally Posted by CaliforniaLabLover
    Quote Originally Posted by gerst001
    CaliforniaLabLover- this shot had me laughing at first. Interesting composition. Can you tell me your shutter speed? Pretty good composition. got me here...why did it have you laughing? Not exactly what I was going for, it because I chose something *other* than dogs to photograph? As for your question...which "number" is the shutter speed and how do I find out on a Rebel XTi?
    The SS was 1/30s...

    I used the Microsoft Photo Info Tool...

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    DefaultRe: Instructor's Critique for Assignments #2 - Here

    First, let me say that I can see a marked improvement in so many of your pictures this week!!! Keep up the good work.

    Second, my thoughts on "rules of third". I am by nature an artist. I have an artistic eye. I know what looks
    good and what doesn't work. I have never used the "rule of thirds" and quite honestly I didn't pay too much
    attention to it in your photos on this assignment either Most of you got it, some of you still need more
    work on composing your shots. And we will continue to have ample opportunities to work on this in our
    lessons. So what I'm saying is, I wasn't too "technical" with your shots on the rule of thirds. I didn't draw
    imaginary lines on them to be sure you met the assignment criteria. I just know what looks good and what

    Keep up the fine work, everyone. This is really getting fun and you all are really, really improving!!!

    georgie -- overall a good shot but I would have liked to see more
    of the dogs rear, it looks like you've cut it off which is okay
    but I'd either have cropped in closer on the head, or included
    the entire dog.

    MyLabsMom -- I adore this shot. It could have been a rather
    boring landscape, but the addition of the dog in the lower
    right makes this shot just about perfect. It makes it a "story"
    and keeps me lingering on it wondering what the little dog
    is looking for, where is he going, who left him, etc. Nice job.

    chocco_23 -- good composition on this one. I like the way you've
    gotten a nice close up of the dog, and the background is barely
    noticeable. Also, I like that you left enough to the right side
    of the photo so the dog has room to "look" that direction. The
    exposure is off and I'm wondering why you chose Sport mode (which
    is generally reserved for moving subjects) Next time check to see
    if your camera has a Portrait mode, that would have served you
    better here.

    zoesmom -- I love the light on this shot, early morning it seems,
    nice golden sun. It's good composition as well, interesting set
    up, but to me I am focusing more on the tree in the shot than on
    the dog. I think if you had included just a little bit more of
    the dog it would have worked better... perhaps another inch on
    the bottom and right side.

    sirhobart, Love this one, you've utilized the rule of thirds well.
    It could be just a tad better exposed (it appears a bit dark on
    two seperate monitors I've viewed it on). Also, I think if you
    had included just a bit more of the dog's neck it would have been
    a little more pleasing to the eye. But all in all, a nice job.

    Labz4me -- your dog is just a bit too much centered here. For it
    being a horrid day, you have very nice exposure on this one. One
    thing to consider if you can't place her where a tree is not
    growing out of her head is... move her CLOSER to the trees, set
    her up right in front of a tree to get some nice texture of the
    bark or greenery.

    CaliforniaLabLover -- I like this shot. It's very pleasing to
    the eye, well exposed, and you've done an excellent job with the
    rule of thirds. Good work.

    azlab -- this shot is a bit over exposed. Kick up the shutter
    speed and/or f/stop to get more contrast. Also, there is no real
    focal point. My eye wanders all over the image looking for a
    place to rest. Keep in mind what you actually want your viewer
    to "see" in your photos. This would have been much more
    interesting if you had placed your dog in the foreground, or
    a person.

    gatorblueyes -- awesome exposure on the dog. I would have moved
    in a bit closer and stepped to the left, angling more toward the
    dog to get rid of the trucks in the background there. Shooting
    more from the left angle would also have improved your "rule of
    thirds". As it stands now, the dog is a tad too centered.

    TroopersMom -- you've either got bad camera shake or a very high
    ISO going on here for this to be so grainy. Also, notice your
    background.. it is crooked, making the entire photo appear
    lopsided. Try to keep the background horizontal (it's hard, but
    it is something to continue to work on). Dog is a little too
    centered for the "rule of thirds". This would have worked a bit
    better if you had stepped to the left more so you had less photo
    on the right side (keeping your dog looking left and "into" the

    Emyly N Rio -- Outstanding. I have nothing else to say. I love
    this in every aspect. A truly good photo!

    Kwinon -- The dog is not focused but the door is very focused.
    Check to be sure your camera is focusing where you want it to
    focus. Some cameras have options to focus on different areas
    in the frame. You done a good job on the "rule of thirds" but
    this would have worked better had you repositioned the dog to
    the left of the photo with the lovely wood door behind him (think
    warm texture here) and move in just close enough to not get the
    bucket and cleaning supplies on the right side.

    Jimbo -- good rule of thirds here. It would be better if you
    cropped off the top portion where you've blown out the sky (scroll
    up your screen to see it without that blaring white up there, a
    big improvement). I would like to see more light around your
    dog's eyes as they are the focal point of the shot and I can only
    discern dark orbs there. You did a nice exposure on the snow.

    Emma the Lab -- another really nice pose on your dog even though she
    is a bit too centered. It looks like you had difficult light to
    work with (the long shadows) but overall you've gotten a nice
    exposure. This shot mirrors your last shot with a "bluish" cast
    to it. Check your White Balance settings and see if you can
    change them to something warmer. (read your manual) On my Nikon,
    the WB setting for "shady" makes things very blue, but the setting
    for "cloudy" gives things a much warmer tone. See if you can
    change it.

    Yellardawg -- I love the pose and the use of the fence behind
    the dog (I'm a sucker for textures). Looks like some harsh
    lighting situation to shoot in. I might have bracketed this to
    see what kind of results I got at a slightly less shutter speed.
    Nice job.

    Buckyball -- the expression you've captured is lovely. You should
    have left more room on the right side though to allow your dog's
    gaze to be "in" the photo more. You have blown out the white on
    the house to the right, but honestly I can live with that as the
    expression and sharpness of the dog is wonderful. Good shooting.

    Aim -- you did not put any camera info on this. I like it.. love
    that rock wall behind the dog. I think you could have opened the
    shutter just a tad longer to get a bit more light on things.
    It would also have worked better if the dog were on the right
    side of the photo glancing into the left side. As it stands now
    you have "wasted" space on the right and the dog is too crowded
    on the left.

    Sadies Mom -- I like it. Nice shot, nice exposure for the harsh
    sunlight. I love that you have included the additional family
    members in the background... that really draws my eye into the

    TheBigRaloo -- love it. The exposure and close crop are perfect.
    Nice focus and catch light on the eye. Wonderful that you
    remembered to get down on the dogs level. This really works!

    AbbyandMolly -- much better attempt than last week. You have a
    hard area to shoot in, and you are correct that you have nothing
    "growing" out of your dogs head or back. Exposure is a little
    weak on the dog (the dog could be lighter) and I would have
    liked this much better if you had the dog's attention. Try
    saying "cookie!" next time to get your dog to look at you.

    Linda1 -- Love it. The snow is blown out just a tad but not
    enough to spoil the shot. I like the story the dogs are telling
    me. The dogs are slightly too centered for my eye on this
    exercise but otherwise this is nice. Good shooting.

    2Labpups -- Excellent. The composition, the exposure, the focus
    all great. I love that little seagull in there as well. This
    is nice and a great shot for this exercise.

    Anne -- purrrrfect I love it. Nice exposure. Nice color.
    The background just makes the kitty pop. Great photo!

    hark67 -- I love this! The only thing that would make it
    absolutely perfect in my eye would be if you had your dog walking
    down along the road past where it curved... to really draw my eye
    into the scene. Nothing to criticize. This is good work.

    Cinder4evr -- what a whimisical and fun shot! Snow is blown out,
    but snow is very hard to shoot without underexposing your main
    subject (the geese). Still, this works for me. Good job!

    sidneygirl -- good crop. I like that you've gotten tight in on
    the dog and eliminated any background. You need to be more on
    the dog's level though.

    ownlabnjrt -- I love it. Great exposure on this. Even better
    composition. Putting the dog in there really adds to this lovely
    landscape. Nice shooting!

    KLM -- good attempt here. I really like the angle you shot from.
    The exposure is nice as well. Might have tried moving a bit to your
    left to move the dog to the right a tad. Otherwise, nice shot.

    Trickster -- a wee bit overexposed. The crop is a bit too tight
    for the frame. I would have either cropped it even tighter or
    moved back a pace to get a bit more room around the dog, particularly
    in front of his face.

    mattgusmum -- oddly, I like this. It's different enough to really
    catch my eye. The use of the pink towel works well. It is slightly
    out of focus, but the exposure looks good and the composition is

    delmonico -- much nicer exposure on your dog. Love the warmth
    the fence gives. Dog is a bit too centered and the background
    is off kilter a tad making the overall photo wonky toward the
    right, but a big improvement this week. Nice shooting.

    lablover -- the snow is over exposed (blown out) but honestly
    I like the way it works here as it really gives the dog a punch.
    Great shot of the dog, nice focus and composition. Overall, a
    good job!

    JacksAndLabs -- I love it. Exposure and composition are lovely.
    The only thing that distracts a wee bit is the taller grasses
    in front that are out of focus and in the way of the dog. I
    always physically move stuff like this away from the shot (bend it
    down or pull it out).

    CenTexLabs -- I really like your composition on this, it is
    lovely and you've done a great job on the rule of thirds.
    Unfortunately the dog is overexposed. Increase the shutter
    speed a tad or raise the f/stop a bit.

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    DefaultRe: Instructor's Critique for Assignments #2 - Here

    I second that, 1)Some real great shots in that lesson - great job! 2) I also do not concentrate on the rule of thirds that often, but on the flip side, it really can make or break a shot. Sometimes, I think I use it and I don't even mean to. Its something you will start to see and feel over time. IMO it has more value in a landscape than any other type of shot.

    Even the teacher for this lesson let you know that sometime rules are meant to be broken...

    Here are two examples of landscape shots I have taken, one I took into account the rule of 3rds and the other I did not. Turns out I got runner-up for the non-3rds picture out of about 400 shots entered.

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    DefaultRe: Instructor's Critique for Assignments #2 - Here

    Great shots. I love the first one. I love the symmetry of it. I really don't pay that much attention to the ROTs anymore either. It's just something you being to be conscious of without knowing it. These pictures really are better this week. Keep up the good work. There has been so much improvement in just one week.

    Eiderdowns That's My Buddy
    CDX, RE, WC, CGC, TDInc.

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    DefaultRe: Instructor's Critique for Assignments #2 - Here

    Raian - Love it, love the texture of the bark in the background (just blurred enough), love the eyes.

    georgie - Nice the dog lookin' at a flea??? j/k. I'd have tried to crop closer to the head.

    MyLabsMom -- I agree with Raian...who's the dog waiting on to return home? Good shot.

    chocco_23 -- Nice job. Exposure is off a bit. Nice background.

    zoesmom -- Nice shot I like the tree, like the dog. Could you take a pic at the same time of day without the pup? Making the tree the subject? Maybe frame out a bit?

    sirhobart -- Nice job! The contrast between your subject and the background is nice (and the green compliments the black coat). I love the capture of the dog's eye! Exposure seems OK to me. Maybe a little more neck.

    Labz4me -- Move closer to your background, nice exposure.

    CaliforniaLabLover - Nice job, I like it. What was your shutter speed? Moving water is fun to experiment with the shutter speed, slower shutter speed can blur the water adding motion, faster shutter speed can stop the water. Very nice subject.

    azlab -- A little over exposed but nice job IMO.

    gatorblueyes -- Nice job. Maybe you can crop out the trucks. If you'd have moved to the left, maybe you could have added 'thickness' to the pup's neck. Over all, nice job.

    TroopersMom -- Wish we knew your aperature value and your shutter speed. just very shakey.

    Emyly N Rio -- Great Job. I like it.

    Kwinon -- Dog is out of focus

    Jimbo -- Nice job, background is slightly distracting but you can crop it.

    Emma the Lab -- Nice majestic looking lab, I like it.

    Yellardawg - (Me) thanks for the constructive critisism. Good lighting has been rare lately and yes, I too wish I'd gotten her slightly turned and 'more eye'.

    Buckyball - Nice picture, nice eyes, Background needs work. Nice job.

    Aim -- I like it. It's underexposed on the dog (black dogs are hard, try to capture the eyes)

    Sadies Mom -- Nice, warm. I enjoy it.

    TheBigRaloo -- Love the crop, love the eyes. VERY nice job

    AbbyandMolly -- a little underexposed, get the pups attention next time

    Linda1 -- What did they find, did they roll in it? Nice shot

    2Labpups -- Nice job.

    Anne -- that is very nice.

    hark67 -- I like it.

    Cinder4evr -- good job, Just curious, could you have focused in on one of the geese and used a fast shutter speed to capture them 'goose stepping' and kicking the snow?

    sidneygirl -- Seems you are shooting down at the dog. Nice pic tho'

    ownlabnjrt -- Very nice all around photo. I like it alot...That setting has numerous potential photos in it.

    KLM -- love the setting, I agree about moving to the left a bit.

    Trickster -- slightly overexposed. I like it tho'

    mattgusmum -- nice composition, would like to see it larger to see more detail.

    delmonico -- square up the background and get more on the dog's level....otherwise nice shot.

    lablover -- I would have loved to see this from 2 steps to the left. More of the cedar in the background with the snow on it. Would have had less blow out on the left and balanced the shot for me. Nice job tho.

    JacksAndLabs -- NICE SHOT....agree about moving the grass in front.

    CenTexLabs -- I love the subject, love the eyes. Dog's face and shoulder are overexposed (was a flash used?)


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