A word about critiques. You will find that each instructor will
like or dislike things about your photo. They will agree and also
disagree. As in all art critiques, individual people see things
differently. What you should pay attention to are things that
the instructors agree upon. If you get two or more comments to the
effect that your composition is off, pay attention and strive to
make changes. If several instructors tell you your exposure is
bad, pay attention on ways of correcting it next time. Also, be aware
that if someone points out something about your picture that you really
like, but they don't, take it for what it is, critique. If it works
for you, go for it.

Photography, as with all art, is simply the way YOU, the creator, see
and express your feelings through the artform (photography). Hopefully
as you read your critiques you will be able to understand how to make
your photos better and better.