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    DefaultExtra large puppy

    My 5 month pup is huge! He was first born and the largest out the litter weighing a whopping 9.8kg at 8 weeks when we first got him. He's a purebred from very healthy working dog parents with good hip scores. Just wondering if anyone else has a big puppy too? Vet says he's healthy and just a fast growing pup. He is fed a large breed puppy food. He's beautiful but big lol
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    Yes he is beautiful. I'm not so sure that a large puppy necessarily means large adult. My Tony, though not nearly as large as yours at 8 weeks, was 17 pounds (7.7kg) is now 80 pounds at nearly a year...ten pounds less than one of his smaller littermates.

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    Siren weighed 60 pounds at last weigh in a month ago (he was 5 months) 21.6 kg. If I had to guess he's gained about 5-10 more.

    He was not the largest of the litter, there was a chubby lazy one I almost picked, but Siren seemed to want us.

    His dad was 100 pounds, so I'm figuring he'll be about the same. I can tell you one thing, he sure is strong.

    Your pup is beautiful by the way.

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