Do we need more time?
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Thread: Do we need more time?

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    DefaultDo we need more time?

    I'm just wondering. Since we are voting for winners, do we need more than a week to do a contest? Maybe we should go two weeks and stagger it... have one contest end and voting begin on it, while the next contest goes? Or just go every two weeks so there is time to post an image and vote? What do you all think?

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    I think at least 1 full week is fine... For example, if the contest starts on Wednesday, than it will end the following Tues evening. Voting can be Tues night and Weds. until noon. The winner can be announced Weds. afternoon or evening. The person who wins needs to be notified asap so that they can start the next contest. If there were a lot more people doing the contest, than I could see extending the time would be necessary. Also, can we get the contest rules typed out and added as a sticky note?

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    The only thing I'd suggest is maybe extending the close off time & voting by an extra day to compensate for the different time zones. Here in Oz, we're ahead of the US by about a day but I think a few others in other countries might be behind?

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