Fall is in the air!
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Thread: Fall is in the air!

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    DefaultFall is in the air!

    Here in Ohio, fall is in the air...* But some nice days are still around to allow me to get some new pictures of Lexus.... I haven't posted any pictures in a while, so I thought I would post some here to share with everyone. Enjoy!*

    Here is the "gaurd dog on duty" at the top of the driveway...

    I love this picture! The full size version is so clear and crisp... I think it is such a cute picture.

    Here is the typical Lexus look... lol... Tongue hanging out the side of the mouth...

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    DefaultRe: Fall is in the air!

    Cool pictures; I love this time of year with the leaves.
    I've been trying to get some cool pictures of my Bailey in the leaves like this too!

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    DefaultRe: Fall is in the air!

    You not only captured the fall season, I think you captured the spirit of Lexus!
    I, too, love that 5th photo . . . what a great expression.*

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    DefaultRe: Fall is in the air!

    Great pictures! I love your siggy too, it's so creative. ;D It makes me smile all of the time!


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