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    Took Sam and Mo to their first grooming ever. Mo was his usual wiggle worm self. Fortunately, my two best friends run the grooming facility so they were okay with his antics. They tried to clip his nails and he kept pulling his paw away from them and then giving them kisses. Sam was very nervous but tolerated everything with his calm disposition. I think he enjoyed the pampering and Mo absolutely loved the dryer the best. Both boys smell incredible and Sam's ear infection is almost gone (he had never had his ears cleaned and had a horrible bacterial infection that smelled like something had died in them). I got this pic on the fly. It is like Sam is telling Mo how good he smells

    Sam 9-27-07

    Mojo 7-6-12

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    awwwww, they're becoming brothers! I was hoping you would post soon so we would know how Sam was settling in.

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