I FINALLY got a head tilt and 2 other pics
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Thread: I FINALLY got a head tilt and 2 other pics

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    DefaultI FINALLY got a head tilt and 2 other pics

    We were at the pond and I got Tank to tilt his head.

    I love this pic of bentley

    This is Ginger this is her story. When she was 5 weeks old my grandpa and grandma took me with them to go see a litter of rottweiler puppys. The breeder is a well known breeder around here and I love the facility they have plus they have other dogs that people dump at their house and I like playing with all the dogs My G-ma told them what thye were looking for and the breeder and my grandma chose Ging. So when she was 8 weeks old we went back and picked her up. I say i have never bought a dog from a breeder but if this counts then I guess I have,lol. She is not my dog though. So she lived with my grandparents for 4 years. My grandpa fell very ill and they could not care for her properly. I would have taken her in but I had already had to many dogs so my uncle took her in. She is very sweet but if she is in the room don;t try to smack a kid you will be growled at.

    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    Yay for head tilts!! A trick to get them is to make an unfamiliar sound just before snapping the pic. Ginger is beautiful! I used to have a rottie. I don't blame her for growling at somebody smacking a kid, I would too
    Tucker & Remington's Mom

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