So I am trying to teach Kodi
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Thread: So I am trying to teach Kodi

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    DefaultSo I am trying to teach Kodi

    to foot touch a bait plate (in prelude to a foot touch on go-outs, as opposed to the nose touch she does now) for the last 6 days.

    Trying to shape it did not work for two days...nothing...nada......Then I try putting her foot on the bait plate....nope won't even touch it with her foot..."ewwwww" she says. Refused to even put her foot near the plate. Lifted it off immediately. I could not even slip the lid under her foot when she would put her foot down. She would sit there Lassie like with her paw in the air and then collapse on the ground. Tried that for 3 days.

    Last night I was trying again and nothing. So I did what trainers are not supposed to do. I got mad. Poor Kodi started to melt into the carpet. I got madder. Finally, I yelled at her, grabbed the bait plate, threw it on the ground and swore at her. "DAMN IT KODI JUST PUT YOUR "EFFING" FOOT ON THE STUPID LID!" I threw the lid on the ground and slammed my hand on top of the lid.

    Kodi immediately jumped up and slam dunked both front paws on the lid and put her cute little nose on top of her paws. "Like this mom?" she seemed to be saying! So we spent about 5 minutes with me whamming the bait lid and her doing the same.

    Who is teaching who here?

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    DefaultRe: So I am trying to teach Kodi

    I would have loved to have seen that!
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    DefaultRe: So I am trying to teach Kodi

    LOL..must have been a sight to see..

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    DefaultRe: So I am trying to teach Kodi

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