I guess I just don't believe in myself
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Thread: I guess I just don't believe in myself

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    DefaultI guess I just don't believe in myself

    Showed Caleb this weekend at a local obedience trial. Nice Open runs but due to a huge handling error on my part (Linda S. it was Phyllis Broderick) making an about turn at the gate rather than the called right turn and a lag on the fast the next day just out of the ribbons. :embarrass: But we were close and most to the top OTCh people from the region were at the trial. My instructor told me that a year ago a bad day in Open was a 192 and now a bad day for us is a 195. She said that we're getting there (first was a 198 1/2).

    In Utility he was back to no go-outs. So discouraging. But other than that a nice run that would have been in the ribbons had he done the go-outs with sits out there. Phyllis actually allowed us to attempt a third go-out just so I could get him out there. Guess my instrutor was behind me saying that she wanted to "kill that dog" and since she also is a judge I think that is probably why we were allowed to do the third go-out.

    But yesterday a man who has had multiple OTCh Labs over the years told me he has no doubt that Caleb and I will get it together and that we can get our OTCh. Since he's from the Pittsburg area he does not see us all that much and he said when he has he can see much improvement. He feels Caleb is still rather stressed in the Utility ring but getting better. He said he's gotten pretty good at figuring out which dogs can do it and then he said something quite profound. I don't believe in myself. I believe my dog could do it but I don't believe I can do it which means I will pull us down. So, I guess I need to have an attutude adjustment. I think getting the first place in Utility would certainly help with that! Or to consistently get my go-outs! Anyway, guess I need to work on me more. Thank you allowing me to rattle on. Just need to get an attitude adjustment.
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    DefaultRe: I guess I just don't believe in myself

    What really helps me is to visualize our perfect run. Go over it step by step in your mind, say it outloud, each step and turn you will take, each command you will give, and winning that blue ribbon at the end. It's a definite mind booster for me. Doesn't always happen in the ring, but it really does give me confidence.

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    DefaultRe: I guess I just don't believe in myself

    Hey Susan, did I ever tell you what my trainers started with Ruby to get her ready for go outs?

    I heel with her and joan will be on the other side, center of the ring, and I heel with her on the flexi that Joan is holding. We do the stand the same way, get her used to the flexi.

    Then on the recall, since she and Caleb have the same mummy disease (wink wink) Joan can break the flexi and she can't come back.

    So far, working well, then had the litter, we were back last week, and she did great.

    I think you just have to get it through his head that he can't come back to you.

    You'll get there, he's such a baby still!


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