"search dog" training tips?
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Thread: "search dog" training tips?

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    Default"search dog" training tips?

    I want to train my pup (7 m.o) in an area known in norwegian as "special search".
    I'm pretty sure it has a better english name, but I can try to explain what it is and then you can help by putting your tips, articles or perhaps more appropriate topics that has covered the subject earlier.

    I have several questions within this area, so I hope someone can guide me towards a better understanding

    I want her to be able to choose which container that contains a certain treat. For example; three cups, one containing liver. I want her to sniff each of them, and then sit neatly down in front of the one that has liver in it.

    We started training this week, and as for now I'm just clicking her for sitting down in front of a single cup that she sniffs on. ( and of course it contains liver too). After she does that automatically I'm planning on introducing a similar cup but without liver. Hopefully she'll know the drill and sit down in front of the one WITH liver.

    So; anyone know if this is the right way? Anyone know about any articles on the net on this matter? Anyone have tips of their own?

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    DefaultRe: "search dog" training tips?

    Where are you located? You could get help from experienced obedience trainers, but more likely, search and rescue (live or cadaver training, etc), drug or accelerant detection trainers. Even in my area (rural) we have a local SAR group. Anne

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