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    DefaultOne Reason I Enjoy Teaching - student comments

    Not really tooting my own horn, but here are some comments from my students. This is one of the best reasons to teach dog sports, in my opinion, helping others to succeed...

    "Thank you for your patience and your guidance. I am thankful that you take the time to work with us and always strive to make it fun first. I appreciate it, and Hunter has really benefited from the experience, which is the most important thing for me." Erin

    "You are the greatest teacher ever! About 8 weeks ago, I really examined my priorities. I haven't felt so good coping with the child that I love and the job that I love and my handicap migraines. I never do well in the heat and have to pretty much stay inside or have a migraine every day. I always felt bad bringing Raegan and being distracted and having her distract others and having my performance be subpar due to lack of sleep and migraines. And I almost gave it up- agility that is. I came out and worked my dogs who were rusty. Eddie got neck sore, and Owen clung to me trying to please me but not knowing what to do. And I thought they did not need to do it to be happy really. Then I looked at you and the friends that I have made out at your place and how much my dogs and I love it and each other. Then you showed me how to get Owen working with the ball and ahead with confidence. Then you showed me how to break down a course and figure how to run my dog. And so many little things that you told me came back to me this weekend-squaring him into his contacts, supporting him on the walk and the teeter, not rushing him, letting him know where I was when he was in the chutes etc. That is why we got our Qs! and why we keep coming! Thank YOU!" Eve

    "Today was so much fun. I'm proud of my guys and just want you to know that all the private lessons you gave us really helped - not only them but ME! We'll be back at it tomorrow. I have a feeling by Sunday we'll be dead! LOL! Thanks again for all you do!" Coby

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    DefaultRe: One Reason I Enjoy Teaching - student comments

    one of the reasons why I do training for a living! I know how you feel, it's a very rewarding experience when you get good comments that you've helped someone

    Those are great feedback too! Great stuff!
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia


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