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    DefaultAgility Results Ruger/Remington

    Well we had our three day trial at my house. Friday it was hot. Saturday it poured rain. Sunday it was cold. Can't get more diverse than that for weather!

    Ruger needed one leg to finish his Open JWW title, and we did not do it, although he had some really nice runs, but he dropped one bar each time, disappointing, but I still love my guy He did not fare well in his Excellent Standard class either, he was just "off" all weekend. We are still having issues with the ulcers on his eyes. But he gave it a go, and we had fun.

    Remingtons first JWW class was great, he was fast and handled well, but did drop one bar (second to the last jump on course) then veered off course and out of the the ring to visit. Then, for the rest of the weekend it was a major struggle just keeping him in the ring, he kept leaving me to go visit people. We'd get a few obstacles, sometimes maybe half a course, and off he'd go. We did the Fun Match on Saturday afternoon (after the trial finished) and he ran the Standard Course like he had been shot out of a canon, finished it as well. I wish he had run like that in a real class !! He looked like a border collie out there, it was freaking amazing, so I KNOW he can do it, we just need to continue focus work

    All in all a fun weekend, but we are tired!!

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    DefaultRe: Agility Results Ruger/Remington

    I bet you are exhausted! Sorry about no q's.
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    DefaultRe: Agility Results Ruger/Remington

    Glad you had fun..sorry no Q's but still one of the best ways to spend a weekend that I know

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    DefaultRe: Agility Results Ruger/Remington

    Having fun is what it is all about! You and your kids will get there soon!


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