Saturday Cav Agility report
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Thread: Saturday Cav Agility report

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    DefaultSaturday Cav Agility report

    Well we had goregeous weather..*G*..No Q' pretty good jumpers run but had an off course 2 jumps from the end..In the standard course Robbie reverted to his old ways and did some running here there and everywhere but where he was suppose to be going..we finished the course but that's about all that can be said for that one..we'll see what tomorrow brings

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    DefaultRe: Saturday Cav Agility report

    the weather helps some

    hopefully my jealousy will too

    it's been WAY too long since I've run a course of any sort ... I am so missing it

    good luck tomorrow and I'll be looking for an update


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    DefaultRe: Saturday Cav Agility report

    I so know the "here and there and everywhere" thing. Isn't it fun, and challenging too


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