My future agility dog?
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Thread: My future agility dog?

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    DefaultMy future agility dog?

    Wednesday evening is our agility class at the building. Pat, our instructor, came to set for the beginner's class while a friend of mine and I were talking. She had put out the table, a wobble board, a tunnel, the tire and a couple other things. After Pat left I let the boys out and got down their ball that is about the size of a soccer ball. Caleb saw the tunnel and ran through a couple of times with Micah in hot pursuit. Then after Caleb laid down, Micah took the ball and started to butt tuck all around. He kept racing through the tunnel (yes, with the ball in his mouth), jumping through the tire (yes with the ball in his mouth), on and off the table and wobble board (yes, with the ball in his mouth!). One time when he jumped through the tire (it was very low since it was a beginner's class) he missed and the whole thing landed on top of him. He just looked at it, picked up his ball again and raced off, running through the tunnel, on and off the wobble board (and of course the more it wobbled the better it was). He also took the tire again without one once of hesitation. My friend and I were laughing so hard we were crying!
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    DefaultRe: My future agility dog?

    sounds like you've found his talent! I bet it was adorable to next time please
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