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    As some of you know my OTCh instructors/handlers/judge is not real crazy about Labs, especially breed types. So when I was getting Micah they kind of did the subtle eye roll. Well during our Attention and Maneuver class yesterday she came up to me and told me what a wonderful dog Micah is turning out to be and what potential he has and how she really, really likes what she is seeing in him thus far. I about fell over! She helps top obedience people in the nation pick out their competition dogs. So, what a compliment. Then when I was packing up we were talking (I'm there all morning so I take a crate cause both boys have class on Tuesdays). I told her I am amazed at what Caleb and I have been able to achieve in light of what I am learning with Micah. She told me if Caleb didn't have such security issues and had I done a better foundation (just didn't know any better with him) he could have been a really great dog. She said to not get her wrong he's an outstanding dog, but he could have been one of the great ones. WOW! Blew my mind! And from someone one who thinks "breed" types can't excel in obedience. Does make me want to work even harder with Caleb though. Love that boy!
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    DefaultRe: What a compliment!

    What a nice compliment!

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    DefaultRe: What a compliment!

    That had to have made you feel great!!! Glad Micah is turning out well for you. And Caleb IS a great dog


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