Nice start to a rainy weekend..
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Thread: Nice start to a rainy weekend..

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    DefaultNice start to a rainy weekend..

    Had no classes (which would have been out in the rain if we had had class) this morning so slept in then took the 3 little boys out to the agility arena (which is covered) and met a couple of friends and we all worked our dogs and visited for a couple of hours..

    However came home and Riley had gone garbage diving and I had garbage all over..and he got into a treat jar (luckily not much in it) and broke the lid and chewed up some plastic...grrrrrrrrrr...and then had to gall to wonder where his lunch was..LOL..oh well the garbage was my fault for not putting it out..the treat jars have been in the same place for 3 or 4 years and he's never bothered them before...hmmmmm.....sounds like someone may be going back into his crate when mom is gone..

    Going to meet a friend for a meal out a little later and pick up Griffen who is coming to stay for 2 weeks ...and enjoy the rest of my long weekend...

    Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend.

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    Sounds like a lovely day! I am still in "recovery mode" from my knee surgery, but started working the dogs in the backyard on 1 crutch. I have them both entered in a show in 3 weeks and they will have only been to one class in a month - what was I thinking? My sister is coming tomorrow afternoon for a visit to help me out till Tuesday. It's been lovely weather here, but we're actually hoping for some rain to help fill the pond.

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    Sounds like a fun weekend, I wonder if the garbage buffett just stimulated his appetite for food and mischief and suddenly the treat jars got interesting!

    Well, we are having a "non-dog" weekend. My daughter got married Friday and yesterday was a recovery day for Mom and Dad because we worked our butts off at the wedding. Today, Dave and I are going somewhere, don't know where. I hope it isn't a classic car show or something like that which is where we ended up last time my husband took me somewhere and I didn't know where. I am going to take Miles for run this morning so he gets some excersize before we go out. Cooking out at our other daughter's tomorrow.

    Ann & Miles
    MACH ARCHEX "Miles" (DOB 3/10/2006) UD RAE MXS MJS OF CW-OB3 CW-ARF CW-AR CW-ZR2 CL-1 (DOB 3/10/2006)
    "Hartley" (DOB 7/21/2012) RN CGC CW-OB1

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    Well, maybe that was his way of saying he wanted to be part of things a little! LOL! Does sound like it was fun!
    UCDX GRCH Dunn's Marsh Caleb of Waltona UDX3, OM3, RAE Canadian UD, RE
    FallRiver's Micah of Waltona GN RAE, Canadian CD, RN

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    Bad boy! But you are a good mom realizing it was all your fault
    Sounds like a fun, long weekend.

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