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    DefaultQuick Update

    Zeke and I are still alive! (Hopefully at least a couple of you remember us? )

    I haven't been around much because Zeke and I have been forced into semi-retirement due to schoolwork. I keep him in practice, but we haven't done many new things. A good thing, though, is that I can't remember the last time he ran off on me in agility. I take that back, I can....but it was because an American Eskimo Dog was butt tucking around and Zeke felt the need to join in and play chase. BUT, that was months ago. He's been very good. He'd probably still make a fool of me at a show, but we can at least look decent in lessons now

    Zeke's "sister" Lucy was diagnosed as having adenoma (benign), adenocarcinoma (malignant, but small), and a fibroma (benign). A couple weeks ago she had a 5X mastectomy and another lump removed from her "armpit." Currently she is lazing around on the couch, but doing quite well. The vets are optimistic nothing has spread (although there is always that possibility), so we're hoping we've seen the last of it. I don't think my mom can handle another session of nursing Lucy after surgery (she's still off her normal food - the only thing she will touch is canned food or plain yogurt. For the first few days she wouldn't eat ANYTHING but rotisserie chicken). She's still got another month or so to go before she is back to her normal self. Saturday night I convinced her to jog around a bit, but she got so tired we couldn't get her off the couch for her dinner. I had to lift her off the couch and set her beside the food bowl - she perked up after that

    Lucy is eleven years old, if anyone was curious...although the white paw pads are because she's 1/2 English Setter.

    The patient:

    And to get back on topic (since this is the obedience/tracking/event forum), I intend to have Zeke back in the ring sometime soon. We might try our hand/paw at some NADAC this year...if we can find the time.

    Zeke RN, agility miscreant and CGC failure

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    DefaultRe: Quick Update

    Good to see you again! healing thoughts to Lucy. And "good training thoughts" for Zeke.

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    DefaultRe: Quick Update

    I figured school had pulled you away. I miss your fun training video! Thanks for dropping in and giving us an update. I hope Zeke continues to be a great dog for you, and prayers and well wishes for Lucy that she recovers quickly and is cancer free.

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    DefaultRe: Quick Update

    Hope Lucy will be okay..good to hear from you again


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