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    DefaultSusan (Caleb's mom)

    I entered Livonia, and hopefully Kodi will not be in heat! So, we will see you there. I am also picking up two pair of Ruffed Grouse on Sunday on the way back (or the guy will deliver at the Fairgrounds), so the dogs ought to have a smelly ride back!

    I am staying at the Red Roof, maybe we can have dinner Sat.! What number are you?

    Karen and the gang
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    Whoo hoo! We're 34 both days. I should have stayed at the Red Roof but I have the rewards program for Super 8. Dinner would be wonderful! I'm coming up on Friday. I'll pm you my cell number.
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    I'm probably going up for the match on Saturday to help a friend with her gammet of puppies! I'll look for you both!
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