In the Open class match last night...
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Thread: In the Open class match last night...

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    DefaultIn the Open class match last night...

    there was a Belgian Teurv that growled the whole time during the long sits and downs. He did not move, but I was in the next ring and even being partially deaf could hear him very well. In a previous match a couple of weekends ago, he did the same thing, and it really freaked my instructor's golden who has an OTCH. He got up and was obviously terrified. Last night Sabre got up again during the Out Of Sight downs when Rumor (the Teurv) was growling. (and Sabre was 3-4 dogs away from Rumor)

    In a real show, would Rumor just get points off? Cripes, other than finding another growler, how would you proof something like that? I am not sure that if I were entered and had a dog next to Rumor that I would want to do the OOS next to a dog like that!

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    DefaultRe: In the Open class match last night...

    Oh man, that's just awful!

    I am no expert, but I think in a real show he would be excused. ??? They are not supposed to show signs of nervousness or aggression, period, right? Well, maybe they would forgive a little skittishness here or there. But to growl for the entire sits and downs?

    I don't think I would leave either of mine out there with that going on, either.

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    DefaultRe: In the Open class match last night...

    I would have to think that the dog would be released, and I think it should have been in a match too - who knows what it would do - or if another dog might growl back and then there is a dog fight? If I knew I was leaving Emilu near a growling dog on long sits and down, I'd pull her right then and there, cuz she woulnd't take no sh*t and we WOULD have a dog fight :-\


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