aproximation of wildcard course
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Thread: aproximation of wildcard course

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    Defaultaproximation of wildcard course

    I was asked what a wildcard course in CPE might look like

    this is very rough - like all my courses are - forgive me

    *(2points)aframe jump (1point) 4 jump

    * (2 pts)6 weaves jump

    tunnel 2

    6 spread

    Jump 1

    start line

    I ran out of steam - but you get the idea there are THREE places on course where you have two choices ... each choice is worth one or two points... various levels run together so it is possible to see weaves or something not usually at your level - there would also be a little more complexity then running around the outside of the ring
    in level one you need 2 1 point choices and 1 2 point choice...

    am I making any sense?

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    DefaultRe: aproximation of wildcard course

    okay thanks.. i think i got it...

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    DefaultRe: aproximation of wildcard course

    I did wildcard in CPE. It wasn't hard, but I forget how it actually worked. I do remember me figuring out what I thought was correct for a course, asked the judge if I ran it that way would I Q... ran it that way and Q'd

    One thing I liked about CPE is that the games are fairly simple and fun.


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