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I've had my girls almost rolled on by the dog next to us w/o that dog being DQd, but have seen dogs crawl one full body length ahead and be DQ'd (or be verbal, etc).
-I'd not think of using more than ONE extra heel command. I've been nailed up to 5pts for one alone. I've never heard of a judge not Dq'ing for more than 1 extra command.

Just wanted to point out that you will not be "DQ" for anything mentioned (rolling over, extra commands, moving on the stand, etc). NQ maybe. DQ no. DQ is bad...very bad. DQ means you will have a hearing with the event committee, be banned for showing for some length of time, most likely be fined, and must apply to be reinstated. DQ is reserved for dogs that bite/attack, handlers that are abusive to dogs or people, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc. NQ just means you had a non qualifying score. Big difference between NQ and DQ. The terms are not interchangeable.

You are correct there. How about YER DAWG WILL FLUNK. ;D
Personally, I don't enter if I can't anticipate leaving the show w/o at least the Green ribbon.