Remington Attacked His Brother
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Thread: Remington Attacked His Brother

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    DefaultRemington Attacked His Brother

    Not Ruger, but his litter mate, Jeb.

    I was so mad at him.

    Jeb comes to my field for agility. I decided to start working Remington with my Advanced Beginner class so he could have some experience working around other dogs (besides Magnum and Ruger). So, I take him down to the field in my truck. We get out of the truck and Remington see's Jeb and runs over (with me, he was on leash) like he's dying to greet him, and then just like that he's all over him like white on rice.

    Needless to say we had a come to Jesus meeting right then and there.

    Remington did it again.

    We had another come to Jesus meeting.

    He did it one more time, but not nearly with as much gusto.

    We had a third come to Jesus meeting.

    All I can say is thank goodness neither Remington or Jeb are soft dogs. They both bounced back from this incident like nothing ever happened.

    Then as we ran class, twice Jeb got away from his handler and got the zoomies and of course zoomed at us and I had to catch him, and Remington didn't do anything.

    Then as an even better test, Jeb mounted Remington and started to hump him. I pulled Remington away, but Remington didn't even attempt a rebuttal on Jeb.

    I believe we nipped it in the bud.

    On a side note, Magnum did this very same thing at about Remington's age, and the dog she attacked (a friends female Lab) became one of Magnum's best buddies

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    DefaultRe: Remington Attacked His Brother

    I'd say its probably a combination of his age and being territorial about his property. What a butthead. Glad you got thru to him.

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    DefaultRe: Remington Attacked His Brother

    Man, sounds like you've had a few fun days!
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    DefaultRe: Remington Attacked His Brother

    I'm glad they are okay. You had a rough time at your agility field in the last couple of days it sounds like. Hope the little puppy is also okay now.

    The "come to Jesus" meetings seem to work with Labs but they don't with my Am Staffs at all. They are just too high drive and hard headed. A shock collar is out of the question as will just rev them up further unfortunately. So we will never again have our two Am Staff/Pit boys outside together again unless both on leash. Inside they curl up and sleep together. Hard to understand but the trigger is the door and "outside" along with any thing they call theirs outside. Inside Turbo won't even look at a toy so it isn't an issue. He just sleeps (he is almost 12 but he won't give in to his age when he's outside).
    Deb H.

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    DefaultRe: Remington Attacked His Brother

    Yikes! That's scarey stuff.

    Ruby got growled at last night, she was the friendly yellow dog to a dog who has had some rough encounters with other yellow dogs, goldens in particular. All was well, Ruby on the ground doing her Roo wiggle, and the dog growled at her.

    I took the opportunity to kick him in the ass, and they played for two hours afterwards, without warning. LOL

    But the look on his owners face was hilarious!


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