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Thread: OK, I have to brag just a little...bear with me...:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngusFangus
    Thanks for asking Linda

    Well, like it always does in between incidents, everything seems pretty normal now. It is having the effect of making me more sensitive to their body language, and I think I *might* be getting better at reading them. Which will be helpful in some way, I think.
    DON'T let your guard down!! It's been peaceful here for over a month. Yesterday I was bringing Marley in along with a couple of other dogs I had out for a run. I didn't see Turbo by the door so thought all was well but he came rushing into the room when he heard the door, plowed past me with Marley and two other dogs in hot pursuit. I ended up having to tackle Turbo to keep Marley off him and the other two dogs started nipping at him (pack behavior). So I am laying in the mud (which is now 8 or 10 inches of snow today) yelling for my husband to come help me as if I get up from Turbo I know Marley will go after him. My husband had just stepped out of the shower......so I laid there for longer than I wanted to and somehow kept Turbo in a down and the other 3 away and no one got hurt but still it could have been bad. It certainly reinforces to me that for the rest of one of their lives they can NEVER be outside together again.

    Great to hear Angus is doing so well in class.
    I also loved Judy's Italian Greyhound story.
    Deb H.

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    DefaultRe: OK, I have to brag just a little...bear with me...:)

    labnpug, oh no!! I'm so glad you were right there and able to avert the fight.

    We are still not letting them outside together. I don't know when/if we'll do that again Not until we feel like we have done something that has solved it. I'm still sort of in a state of ??? about what to do.

    I thought I did see a little snarkiness yesterday, but I stepped in between them. I hate that it's come to this, because now I'm hypersensitive to everything they do. :-\

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