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    Defaultinfodog and agility

    Can you enter agility trials through infodog? It doesn't seem to want to let me. If not, is there another info-dog type thing for agility entries?

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    DefaultRe: infodog and agility

    Dog Events Online was the biggest Agility entry for a while but they had issues and it seems they owed alot of trial sec's money for a long time and now they don't seem to be accepting online entries and lots of trial secs have stopped taking entries from them so use at your own risk.
    A better option might be to just contact the trial secretary and ask if you can enter online anywhere. The trial secretary info can be found on the AKC site when you brouwse through the shows in your state or states.
    If you are going to do another venue (USDAA,CPE,NADAC,ASCAA etc) you might have to contact the Sec to get any info.

    Kelly and Amber

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    DefaultRe: infodog and agility

    Around here our clubs use a local secretary so they don't accept online entries.

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    DefaultRe: infodog and agility has some on-line entries
    It is a great resource for trial info in all agility venues.
    Deb H.


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