I just looked at a calendar...
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Thread: I just looked at a calendar...

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    DefaultI just looked at a calendar...

    ....and I have exactly 29 training days until Piper's first 'fun match'! Yikes!

    I don't even know what to expect (both from my dog as well as the event!) I am assuming it will run similarly to an actual obedience trial? Arm bands? Will I *actually* have fun?? LOL

    She, Piper, is actually doing really well right now. Heavy emphasis on right now..... She can get a little wiggly during stand for exams. But, she was rock solid on a 3 minute out of sight sit stay and a 5 min out of sight down stay at class this week. Which is vastly different from the travesties which were the prior two weeks OOSS practices. *sigh*

    A CGC evaluator will be there, as well. So, at the very least, we can try our hands at that!

    In the mean time, I will be scouring every post on this section of the forum.

    Murphy, Riley, and Piper

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    DefaultRe: I just looked at a calendar...

    Welcome to the world of dog training! What they do one day the blow the next! There is always something we are working on. That is what keeps us motivated! It's a challenge! Have a great time!
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    DefaultRe: I just looked at a calendar...

    So you're doing out-of sight sits and stays and you've never even been to a match before? WOW! Your dogs should do great ;D I always get confused between the different things that happen in the varous matches. I took Emilu to a "C' match last summer before entereing in Rally Excellent and Novice Obedience, and it was run just like a real trial except your scores don't count toward anything. I think that most fun matches you can do training in the ring, you just have someone act as a "judge" who can tell you what you are doing wrong. Some allow treats, some don't. And yes -you should have fun ;D


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