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    After today's Utility run, I'm convinced we will not Q this weekend. I think Murray's anal glands are bothering him. Again no sits and lots of auto finishes. He was distracted on the heeling again so today I gave a verbal that could be heard at the other end of the polo field. He did the down signal but stood on the sit signal again. Everything else was great except for the no sits. He did both go outs straight. He didn't sit on the 2nd one but at least he stayed until I signaled the jump.

    Agility was ok but no q's. Open Jumpers was first and Murray was dropping bars all over...just not picking up his feet. He was listening to me though. We woulda coulda shoulda q'd in excellent Std again but I forgot the damn course. : It was 3 1/2 hrs between when I walked and when we ran. I took Murray of course. Again, he was listening to me so I was happy with his performance. Exc FAST was tough today. It was dang near impossible to get 60 pts. The send was wicked and I knew we were sunk before we started. We gave it a good try though and Murray did try his best. The send was just beyond our current experience.

    Essy was poking around in Nov Std this morning. She jumped off the dog walk and NQd. Meghan was disappointed but Lisa (agilitymom) gave her a pep talk which seemed to help. They got to run Nov FAST at about 2. Essy was happy and doing well then Meghan did exactly what I always tell her not to up to an obstacle, stop, then try to send Essy. Essy put on the breaks and refused to move unless Meghan moved, which took her out of the send area. No Q. At least Essy was happy. They finally ran Nov Jumpers at around 3. Essy was happy and really having a ball. There was a large crowd on hand so maybe Essy just needs an audience. They ran fast and clean and got a Q!! Meghan was on cloud nine. She really needed to have this success with Essy. We'll check tomorrow to see if they got a placement.

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    Congrats to Meghan and Essy

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    Yeah Meghan!!!!! She is quite a handler. I was so impressed with her composure and the fluid way that she runs a course.

    It has been great meeting Murray and Essy (Lydia and Meghan too ). Essy is such a beautiful dog. Great personality. Murray is huge and handsome. He just adores Lydia and that shows in his every performace.

    It is great seeing other labs compete and succeed in such a BC driven sport.

    BTW Lydia is just how she is on the board. Kind, helpful, encouraging and interesting. It was great meeting them. Our daughters have really hit it off also. Meghan is smart, funny, sweet, and brave. I really feel fortunate to have gotten a chance to meet them.


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