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    Murray was very distracted in obedience today. So much so, in fact, that the Utility judge even mentioned it. It's something about this particular show site that just blows Murray's mind. It could be the sea of white chain rings, or the rally ring against the obedience ring or the unloading zone nearby. Who knows.

    Murray's heeling sucked BIG TIME. To say he was laggy would be putting it mildly. Sight seeing was more like it. I seriously considered giving a 2nd command but by that point the pattern was almost over so I just kept my mouth shut. He missed the sit signal. Well, he didn't really "miss" it. He just looked at me like he'd never seen it before. I gave it again and the light bulb went on. "Oh yeah, I know this one" and he...stands. : Grrr. Articles were good but no front and no sit on the finish. Glove was really good. I got a front but no sit on the finish again. Moving stand was excellent. We've really been working this one lately so I'm glad that paid off.

    I was worried about directed jumping. The ring is surrounded by white chain ropes with white poles. There is a small aisle (not a walk thru) that is maybe 3' between the obedience rings and the rally ring which runs across the back of 2 obedience rings. When you look out all you see is white ropes and poles. Murray's first go out was straight to the back of the ring. Awesome! I was impressed he could figure it out. Second go out was to the corner, on past the corner, to the rally ring for a little sniffing and gawking. > Murray didn't sit. He turned and took the jump. Gahhh! I don't want that issue to start again. I'm hoping he got all of his sniffing, goofing, gawking crap out of his system today otherwise it's going to be a really long weekend. I didn't pick up our score card because I had to get over to agility to walk 2 agility rings at the same time. No pressure.

    Ran over to agillity and walked Open JWW and Excellent Std which were walking at the same time. Ran Open Jumpers where Murray was doing really well about paying attention but wasn't keeping his feet up so he took down half the course. : I was happy I had his attention back at least.

    About 2 hrs later we finally ran our maiden voyage in Exc Std...and Qd! ;D I gave Murray his post run goodies and put him back in his crate so I could hurry over to walk the last walk thru for Exc FAST (only 2 dogs missed the 1st walk thru). I ran back to our set up, grabbed Murray, ran back to the ring to run and we got an Exc FAST Q. We were done by noon.

    I came home without seeing the results so I'l have to check tomorow to see if we got any placements. I wanted to take full advantage of finishing early because Sat and Sun are not going to be as quick. I have to be there at 8 for Utility but Meghan's last class runs until 5. That makes for 2 very long, very hot days. Yuk.

    I also got to briefly meet Lisa (agilitymom) and her very nice family. We kept passing each other going from ring to ring. Her daughter is going to hang out with Meghan tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have more time to talk tomorrow too.

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    DefaultRe: Fri obedience/agility results

    Murray Murray Murray!! LOL! You're just trying to tell your Mom that you like agility better, huh?


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    DefaultRe: Fri obedience/agility results

    yay Murray! Congrats on those Execellent Q's!!!

    Tomorrow will be better in Utility! Hang in there!!

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    DefaultRe: Fri obedience/agility results

    Congrats on the agility Q! Oh, we do feel for you with the Utility.
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