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    Well I'm definitely superstitious now. I'm only wearing jeans and tennis shoes from now on. I dressed up today just in case I needed to get a title picture. Hindsight, I should have worn my robe and slippers and stayed in bed.

    The day started with Essy pulling her crap on off lead heeling again. Meghan did most of the off lead pattern all by herself. > Everything else looked really good. Essy even sat slightly further away on the recall today and only got a 1 pt deduction so yesterday's judge was definitely wrong about NQing the recall. One of the people watching, a judge, told me that she was impressed with Meghan's handling skills and composure in the ring under very trying circumstances. I wish Meghan could have been there when she said that. I did pass it on to Meghan but it would have been better coming directly from the source. Meghan has decided she never wants to do obedience again. I'm going to give her some time to regroup and hope she changes her mind. She's a perfectionist which should be wonderful for obedience in theory but the reality is she wants to be perfect every time out and that just isn't going to happen when dealing with another living, breathing, thinking animal. :-\

    I've decided I really need to get a job. I've been so scattered brained since I got laid off. I've always prided myself on my organization but lately I just can't get my stuff together. Today I was warming Murray up to go in the ring (as in we are next) and I said "oh, I left the articles in the truck to keep them warm" so I ran to get them only to find out that they weren't there. WTH? Where are they? Sudden sinking feeling....I left them home airing out on the patio. CRAP!!!!!!! I run over to a friend who just came out of the ring and ask to borrow her articles and gloves. All my UA buddies are gathered around worrying about whether this will work since the articles were just used in the ring. I said "of course it will. My scent isn't on these articles at all." They were skeptical but I really believed this shouldn't be an theory.

    We go in the ring and Murray proceeds to do a sit instead of a down. > Oh well, pressure is off now. We go to articles. It's the moment of truth. I scent the first one and send Murray. He runs out and I could tell he was a little confused at first. "Hmmm...this seems different" but without skipping a beat, he grabs the correct article and fronts. Yea Murray! The leather goes the same way. I'm very proud of my boy now regardless of what else happens. We go to gloves. He gets #2. I'm probably the only person who panics over getting #2. I never practice it so there is no temptation to go for it when we are assigned #1 or #3. He goes out and gets #2 perfectly. Moving stand was ok. I don't know what his problem was today. He must have been ticklish. He kept dancing his feet around but staying in the same place while the judge was going over him. The go outs were ok, but not great. The first one he ran out straight but came pretty far forward after the turn. He sat then took the correct jump. The next one he ran out to where glove #1 would be (hasn't done a crooked go out in what seems like forever). I have no idea why but he did sit so that's all I cared about at that point. Of course that meant that he had to cross jump to the opposite side. I held my breath, signaled him and he didn't even blink as he took off across the ring to the correct jump. The judge hit us for 11 1/2 pts for the directed jumping. I was thrilled with Murray's performance even though we didn't Q. He had some unusual circumstances to overcome this time and he handled them beautifully with confidence.

    I'm really looking forward to next weekend even though it's going to be crazy busy with 3 agility runs and 1 obedience run per day (all 4 days) plus Meghan's agility classes.

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    DefaultRe: Sun obedience results

    Sounds like Murray is getting the hang of the exercises. Sorry about Meghan's run today. It is so hard for the young handler's to see the positives when they want to crawl in a hole. As we get older we learn we can't die from embarrassment!! (especially with labs).

    I'm probably the only person who panics over getting #2.
    No you are not. I hate glove 2 with a passion. Kona likes to pivot to one when I pivot for 2 and I have to wait him out and get him to mark on 2 and hold my breath!!
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    DefaultRe: Sun obedience results

    Well I see you DIDN'T learn your lesson about leaving your articles, LOL
    Murray did freakin' fantastic!!! You're going to have your UD in no time at all

    I don't know how in the world you do a show where you run from agility to obedience, but good luck next weekend and we'll be hoping it all comes together for you guys!!!

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    DefaultRe: Sun obedience results

    Quote Originally Posted by raian
    Well I see you DIDN'T learn your lesson about leaving your articles, LOL
    LOL! That is what I thought too! Anyway, over all even though you didn't qualify it sounded good. To have left articles at home is a panic that grips you heart that you can't shake in the ring. That just sets the whole tone of things. You'll have that third leg soon!
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