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    DefaultStopping Naughtiness

    I need some help with my 3 year old Bella.

    She is very intelligent and knows many commands by voice and hand siganl.

    She can go through the agilty course off-leash and does a solid recall...EXCEPT when she gets distracted and then she gets a mind of her own.

    About 75% of the time she is an obedient to i get her to 100%.

    All our training instructor says is that it will come with maturity and practice.

    Any other advice on how to cure Bella of her naughtiness?

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    maturity and practice, and consistency and lotsa rewards for good behaviour.

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    Sometimes wandering off can be stress. Your dog may be confused about what is being asked of her. My aussie has this problem at times. She does not like to be wrong. We are working 2x2 weaves. If she misses the entry etc. I say in a happy voice "good try". I love her up and try again. If we are on course and she does this in class it is a signal to me that I have lost connection with her. Think of your dog as having an account. Every time you ask it to do an obstacle in agility you are withdrawing from that account. The way you keep you dog from getting to empty is to maintain that connection when you walk up to take the first obstacle, on course, and after the run by keeping the connection with her.

    Another thing, if she is just beginning you may want to reward her after just a few obstacles and reward her all the way throught the course. Dogs learn more from a short training sequence than a course. You want your dog to be successful. Work in as short of sequences that can guarentee that.

    Good luck. Agility is awesome!

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    I was going to say (which adds to the above posters)
    rethink and redine what you are seeing as nuaghtiness - especially in agility - you want a dog who can think for itself and work with you not for you ..
    so finding the balance point can be challenging

    Lots of rewards, lots of praise and lots of miles will get you where you want to be

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