Don't worry, I'll handle this
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Thread: Don't worry, I'll handle this

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    Panda went to her third agility class. We have had her a little over three months. I work her every Saturday after the class I help teach and Maddie's drill. Panda has picked up agility and loves it.

    When I am running in drill or teaching if someone gets in her way of watching my daughter says she barks. We are doing all the equipment and doing long sequences.

    Last night she had a small sequence to do: jump tunnel jump tunnel jump jump jump jump jump jump.

    Panda did great until she got to the second to the last jump and would go around it and jump the last jump. My instructor told me to step back from the jumps and she would get it. So I set her back up and the second tunnel she breaks and begins to butt tuck. She does this at least one time per class. She loves agility so much. The butt tucking ends at the end of the second tunnel. She proceeds to take the first jump from the six jumps and completes them all flawlessly and returns to my side with a big doggy grin on her face. It was like she was telling me "don't worry mom, I will handle this". Everyone started to laugh. The instructor said she obviously knows what she is doing. I asked him if he still wanted me to run the sequence. He said "yes, but this time you run with Panda". When we start to trial I may just give her the map and she can run me

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    DefaultRe: Don't worry, I'll handle this

    ;D ;D ;D Sounds like you have a makings of a winner there!


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