Puppy at 11 weeks ... missed socialization? Too late now?? Challenges?
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Thread: Puppy at 11 weeks ... missed socialization? Too late now?? Challenges?

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    DefaultPuppy at 11 weeks ... missed socialization? Too late now?? Challenges?

    I have been talking with some breeders whose dogs carry in their pedigrees dogs that I like. It seems to be working out. One breeder referred me to another breeder. There are 2 puppies left and according to the breeder only one would be sold as a show potential. I loved both of them but he showed me why he thought only one would have some future in the show ring. As a matter of fact it looks very well according to all those rules I read about topline, stop, angulation, coat, teeth, chest, and of course it is very pretty. My only concern is that at the breeder's home there are no children and I have reading how important it is for puppies to start their socialization early.
    What are your thoughts about a puppy at 11 weeks with plenty of socialization with other dogs at the home, but no kids around? It looked a bit too quiet and kind of lazy.. but maybe it was late and they were tired...
    If everything works out and I can keep this puppy, have we lost some precious time and training including housebreaking will be tougher? They have been sleeping in the whelping box.. so I am not sure how it will react with crate training now... Would I see any difference in terms of behavior/personality because of its age??

    Maybe I am worrying for nothing. I already started buying stuff and I am VERY HAPPY figuring this beautiful puppy staying with me and playing and growing with me, but just wanted to check with you guys to see what similar experiences you had... Thank you!
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    DefaultRe: Puppy at 11 weeks ... missed socialization? Too late now?? Challenges?

    We don't have children at home anymore either but I always have co-workers and friends bring their kids to visit my litters. Did you ask them if the pups have seen kids? How old are yours? Did you take them with and how did the pups react to them?

    I am not concerned about an 11 week old pup being under socialized if they were raised in the house "underfoot". Also, the housetraining may actually go a bit faster because they are almost to the age where they can start having bladder control (about age 14 weeks). Of course you will have a couple of noisy nights. With pugs we don't even let them go until 12 weeks due to their size and they all do just fine.

    As for them seeming too quiet -- depends on what activity they had prior to your arrival as well as if they just ate. Visiting them at another time of day you might see totally different reactions.
    Deb H.

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    DefaultRe: Puppy at 11 weeks ... missed socialization? Too late now?? Challenges?

    We don't have children. Scotty's breeder had a baby, but I don't think the baby was old enough when Scotty was there to be of much help with socialization. The first time Scotty saw a child was probably when he was around 4-5 months old. He is wonderful with children though. We had a family with 5 kids (all 7 and under) living next to us last summer, and Scotty absolutely adored them and was their favorite pal to play with. So, I don't think you'll have any problems simply because the puppy is 9 weeks old.

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    DefaultRe: Puppy at 11 weeks ... missed socialization? Too late now?? Challenges?

    I, too, think you'll be just fine with an 11-wk-old puppy. After all, most of the time puppies aren't taken out much before they're fully-vaccinated anyhow, and if it was "too late" with a youngster like that, imagine what a nightmare it would be for rescued adults! Most rescued adults end up just fine with time and proper introduction to new situations and people, though, and I'm sure your little one won't have a problem at all. That's great that things seem to be all working themselves out for you!

    I agree with Deb, too, in that housebreaking at that age may actually be a tiny bit easier than when 8 wks old.

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