Doing articles is sooo much fun!
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Thread: Doing articles is sooo much fun!

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    DefaultDoing articles is sooo much fun!

    About 10 months ago I started Kodi on Articles. We stopped for the summer and fall as life (and competing for hunt and Rally titles) got in the way. We just got finished with Around the Clock method when we quit, and had never gotten out of the living room to practice.

    So we started back up again as I got back into the semi-private lessons with Marcia and Elly (my instructors). Well, bless her little heart! I did a one week refresher course at home and now have started to go different places (as the weather allows, and for now it has to be inside). Kodi really thrives on the exercise and does not miss a beat. The first time we were in a new place, she got them all right. The first time I had someone else put the articles out for me, she got them all right. I am sure I am making all sorts of body twitches as she diligently sniffs each one and until she comes back with the correct one.

    Kodi did make her first mistake on articles at home though. When I started the second time, I used a different number article. At first it baffled me that she would start picking up the wrong article..until I noticed that she was consistently picking up the same wrong article....the one we used the first time we did ATC 10 months ago! She would only pick up the wrong one when it was placed out early in the day's lesson. When I put it out later in the sequence, she had by that time remembered it was the HOT scent she was supposed to be going for! It amazes me just how good their noses are!

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    DefaultRe: Doing articles is sooo much fun!

    It is amazing to watch a dog do articles. It really impresses people who haven't trained a dog to that level as well. I get a lot of ooo's and ahhh's when I do articles and people watch Ruger

    Articles were one of my favorite to teach. I used the Around the Clock method too, and loved it, it really made it EASY to train.

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    DefaultRe: Doing articles is sooo much fun!

    Watching a dog do articles in the Utility ring is what got me hooked on obedience! It is too fun! Love watching them learn and work the pile.
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